There are approximately 3,000
shows in the Fringe Festival. You get every type of
theater you can imagine. And it’s people bringing
in their most exciting and their newest and their
freshest work from all over the globe. I’ve seen over 25 now. And it’s just so awesome to
be fully immersed in theater. I’ve seen 30 shows. And I feel like I
haven’t seen enough. And it’s so nice to just
get lost in the city. And this isn’t even
the theater scene. This is the street performers. There’s so much more
in the theaters too. You’re connecting yourself with
this network of international artists while you’re also
living in this gorgeous place. You might see a castle. And you’re walking through these
tiny little alleyways and these closes, and you pop
out on a green space. There’s just so much beautiful
landscape to look at while you’re walking between
all these venues. I’m gluttonously eating as much
theater as I can and seeing so many different kinds of
inspiring work that I’m going to take back with me and that my
students are going to take back with them. The students have five
papers that they write while they’re here. Looking at the design elements,
symbols and metaphors, understanding their position
as an audience member and what they’re bringing to a show. So it’s a very
reflective process. It’s just like challenged the
way that I perceive theater. It’s been overwhelming
in the best way.