The Study Abroad program here at Kent is kind
of a unique situation because we actually own, operate and manage two centers in Europe. Our Florence, Italy center and our Geneva, Switzerland program as well. Not very many universities
are in the position to say they own and operate their programs, most use third parties and
that really helps our students because on paper, if you participate in these programs,
you never leave the Kent State system. We want to give every Kent State student an
international experience so whether that’s a semester or maybe a two week program over
the summer. These students are gonna be going out and getting jobs, we need to give them
that international experience so that when they graduate, they feel that they have been
prepared to join the workforce, they’re prepared to interact with the people that they’re gonna
be surrounded with. Studying abroad has definitely changed how
I view, I mean, what I want to do after school, how I view the world, how I view other people,
how I interact with other people. I learned so much culturally that I think it really
shaped, you know, what I want to do after school. In college is the best time to study abroad,
it’s the only opportunity you’re going to have and be free to travel without any obligations
so that’s why I decided to study abroad. Definitely the opportunity to travel was the
best part. I got to go to ten different countries, uh, a lot of them, I had never been to before
and it was a really great experience to see all those different cultures and diversity
of people and the history. Our Geneva center is located two blocks off
of Lake Geneva and downtown. Um, Geneva’s in Switzerland which is the home of diplomacy.
It’s where the United Nations is based and our program is sort of centered around the
United Nations in a way that if you participate in the Geneva program and you have a GPA of
3.0 or higher, we’ll set you up with an internship with the United Nations subgroup. Geneva is
centered more around international business students, politics, international relations,
a lot of economics students because it is a huge hub for banking and, actually, our
professor of economics is Patrick Lowe, who is the Chief Economist for the Wrold Trade
Organization. So, if you’re wanting to take classes from the man that decides the fate
of economics and banking for most of us, Geneva’s the program for you. In Geneva, you live right on the lake, uh,
you look at the Swiss Alps and, um, so every single day you walk out there and it just
looks like a picture you are walking out into. Geneva itself is a very internationally diverse
culture. There’s multiple languages being spoken all around you, people from all over
the world, uh, from different backgrounds, uh, so you can get by there pretty easily
just being an international student. Uh, everyone is very welcoming and helping of you. Florence is really centered around more of
our creative oriented majors so these would be our architecture students, fashion design
and merchandising, Uh, there is a new CCI program which would be for our communications,
broadcasting or visual design students. But we’re also adding new programs over there
so we’ve recently added an International Business Partnership with George Washington University
out of DC. Our College of Education will be adding programs in Teacher Education. Sports
Management as well as a really wonderful Hospitality Management program that, they’re actually
gonna get to visit this hotel and restaurant association and work hands-on with chefs and
banquet sale managers, different things like that. If you slightly wanna go, you should just
go, I mean, you’re never gonna have the experience again. You say “Oh, I’ll travel some day down
the line” but you’re not going to. Once you graduate, you get a job, you’re not gonna
have the vacation days and, it was just, it was honestly and experience of a lifetime
that I cherish everyday. As a law student, it actually made me decide
the area of law I wanted to go into, international law, so that’s definitely going to help me
professionally in the future, and, actually, I just can’t wait to go back.