Hi my name is Lidia
I’m George
And we are from WCU, in NC We wanna show you a few things that we have the opportunity of experience here in Spain Here is the building 1, where classes are held everyday This is the main set of the first (background noise) Every day, you get a break around 11 o’clock after classes, and people just hang out and
there is also a cafeteria and you can gather in the library. Right now, we wanna talk to
two students from our university about their experiences here in Granada. Es mi amiga Sammy, y Alex. I’m Alex. Basically, I’m here to study
Spanish. It’s a really good great opportunity to me because the teachers really help you
out one on one and everyone is really helpful and I´ve really learnt a lot so far, it’s
a really fun program. And Samantha?
Hi, I’m Sammy, the program here is really good, they encourage you to be your best speaking
as much Spanish as you can and the food is really good, the people are really nice… I love all of it! It’s a good experience if you wanna learn
Spanish… And now we are upstairs, we are actually on
our break. Everyone calm, relaxes, drink some coffee between classes… Also, another great
option that the Modern Languages Center offers is wireless Internet as Mary Ann here is using. And now we can show you my classroom where I met everybody. And it’s just like a normal classroom; no English is spoken, which can be difficult
at the time but a great way to learn Spanish. And here we have the computer lab, and I’ll
be more than happy to show you guys, but you just have to be very quiet. Switch off you phone… Hello! Here we are at another spot, where there are
computers where you can check your emails, or book flights or check your Facebook… It’s offered until the school is closed,
which is 9 o’clock; and also, to our left is the library, which is a good resource for
getting your books, reading your books, etc. And I’ll take you in And here these ladies are more than welcome
to help you in assessing with your books, which is necessary at the beginning of your
classes, and also any other questions. And then in this room there is a quiet room where you can go and use your laptop, and watch videos, whatever. We have to be very quiet, but don’t get mad at me… We are still in the library, but this is the video room, where people like to bring a group
of people, watch a video or if you wanna watch a video by yourself, the library is more than
happy to help you find a particular one that you are looking for. They have all different
kinds of movies, ranging from strictly Spanish to different languages depending on what you
are looking for. So you can just come in here and have a good time. Here I’d like to show you the administration office where you register for your classes. ILYC already does that for you, but you still need to come up to here so that you can get
your password and your username for the Internet and if you’d like to follow me, I’ll show
you where to go. Here you can… If you have any questions
about your classes or if you need to change any of your information or get your ID, you
just come up to here, get a number in front of the door, and these people are more than
happy to help you. Just make sure that you speak Spanish to them. And then as you walk up the steps to the second floor, there are two display cabinets of different souvenirs you can get while you’re in Granada, such as book bags, laptop covers, or t-shirts, representing the school that we’re at the University of Granada. Now I wanna show you another part of the building, second I’m gonna show you where the cafeteria
is. This is the board where the ILYC program posts different activities that they provide
for the week or for the rest of the month and if you follow me… This is the cafeteria where you can get just about anything you like. I’ll show you my classroom here in
a second. We gotta go up a couple of stairs and we’ll be right there. Well my class is about to start but I’d like to show you an example of the size of the class and what you probably expect when you come up to CLM. If you’ll just follow me… ¡Hola Jorge! ¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? ¡Bien! Normally we have a lesson of fifteen students and … this is what to expect.
The classes are fun everybody in here just together and our teacher here is very very nice
and very helpful… ¡Esa es la verdad! ¿eh? Sí, es verdad. Sí.. y hay muy buen ambiente generalmente… ¿Puedo
hablar español? ¡Sí sí!
Y aprenden mucho, ¿verdad? ¡Sí sí! Hombre, decid algo… Estamos contentos ¡Muy divertido! Y además tenemos muchos recursos, ¿verdad?
Tenemos televisión, video, Internet… Sí, todo eso, todo Muy bien Well, I gotta get back to class, so I’ll
see you guys later. Ok, here we are in the cafeteria which is
a great place to come take a break between classes, and this guy right here is amazing. Yeah, you are gonna absolutely love this guy. He has great cooking in the morning, the tostadas, which are a good snack… And you can’t beat the coffee… And he is really fast too! He’ll also teach you some Spanish as well Thanks for watching!