L RAFAEL REIF: These very early stages
where something’s so novel, so new, so different, is for many faculty and
students at MIT very exciting, at the same time and scary. It is something. It’s different. It is potentially disruptive. MICHAEL D SMITH: Harvard and MIT
recognize the incredible effect that technology’s having on
education today. ALAN M GARBER: It’s opening new
vistas in education for the world, for our campuses. ANANT AGARWAL: Online education for
students around the world will be the next big thing in education. This is the single biggest change in
education since the printing press. DREW FAUST: Together, Harvard
and MIT will be sharing knowledge more broadly. ALAN M GARBER: We plan to make available
courses and educational materials to anyone who has
an internet connection. MICHAEL D SMITH: Technology can
strengthen education, both for our on-campus students, as well as
for those around the world. ANANT AGARWAL: I’ll goal is to educate
1 billion people around the world. SUSAN HOCKFIELD: Online education is not
an enemy of residential education, but rather a profoundly liberating
and inspiring ally. STUDENT 1: So I see technology-enabled
education to really democratize learning. STUDENT 2: It’s really transforming the
way that we see material, access material, and interact
with the course. STUDENT 3: It really tailors the
experience personally to whoever’s trying to be a part of it,
which is huge, I think. DREW FAUST: Beginning this fall, an
array of courses developed by faculty at both of our institutions will
be made available online. L RAFAEL REIF: This is not to be
construed as MIT lite or Harvard lite. The content is the same content. ALAN M GARBER: This will make tremendous
resources available to people everywhere. We expect to transform learning in the
classroom along with learning online. SUSAN HOCKFIELD: edX is, in the very
best sense, a work-in-progress. But it is also an act of progress. L RAFAEL REIF: Combining forces from
Harvard and MIT, we can do amazing projects that will further enrich how
to develop an online learning environment, and how to develop the
content in the right away for delivery on campus and worldwide.