hi my name is Antonia and I’m from I’m
from Germany I’m from Spain I’m from Japan and from Argentina when I came
back in Italy I discovered the Ambassador Program I met a lot of
difference and also nice people from all the rest work you help people with some
information that they need to book this amazing trip and get experience of their
life we have a point system to earn points you can do so many things go to
info meetings go to schools share it on social media create a YouTube video I
did this you’re getting great rewards depending on what you want or what you
like you can get a lot of gadgets for free I got a nice new camera I got a
free GoPro I got a free course myself I got invited to need the National MS in a
meeting in Syria there’s usually meetings every year you have an Asian in
America being any of ambassador I get work experience I can help another
students who want to study abroad and meet a lot of new people sometimes you
can get a part-time job at the EF offices you can do office work help
distribute brochures or answer questions from students and if you are referring
France to study abroad we will get even a chance to travel country China a method program now