Welcome to San Francisco,
California. Artists, entrepreneurs and romantics
have come here for generations, to make their dreams,
reality. San Francisco’s rolling hills provide
coastal views from most points in the city. I’ve met people here
from all over the world. Not only in the school,
even in the city because the city is really
a cosmopolitan place. So its really interesting
how you share with people from all other cultures,
all other languages. I’ve been doing a lot
of fun things here, like Lombard Street, I enjoy this street, the curved street. San Francisco’s most
recognizable landmark is the spectacular
Golden Gate Bridge. The school is very well located, its right at the
Fishermans Wharf, then I go to school,
sometimes even by cable cars, So, its pretty awesome and we are all young
people from different countries, and we met at the school and we are doing a
lot of stuff together. And yes,
I’ve a really great time. You learn idioms
from America and from the American people, so, I like it. We had the opportunity
to go to many Universities, and people from Universities
came to the school, and talked to us about how is American student life
and everything. We also incorporate the latest in
technology into our lessons, so you can progress
at your own speed. The way to think is the same
all around the world and its really amazing to know that, its an experience I can never forget. For accommodation,
you can choose to stay in an EF residence or with a local family
in our homestay program. We’ve an amazing neighbourhood
and so much safety, we’ve a park next to it
and we can enjoy the park. It has been a wonderful experience and the exchange,
I think learning about, you know, different cultures and we learn little bit
about their different languages, and we learn from them
as well as we share with them, you know, from our perspective. Our activities coordinators
arrange a wide array of activities. I saw Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, its just the best landscape
I’ve seen in my life. So, it’s perfect here
in San Francisco. On the weekend,
Take a trip upto Napa Valley, where you’ll enjoy
sweeping vineyard views while learning about
the art of wine making. Best thing in San Francisco is that
you are totally free to do everything, there are lot of good things
to do around here, and, that’s why I love this city. The best thing in
San Francisco is, Everything. Every year, there are plenty of
festivals and events in the city, one of them is the the 100 year old
Bay to Breakers footrace, when thousands of people
parade through the streets dressed in the craziest outfits. Its no wonder,
San Francisco has been voted America’s top destination, year after year. An experience I can never forget
because its amazing, I feel that its amazing,
its really amazing.