( ♪♪ ) (Glenn – Graduate:) I was already working in the field, in the electronics field, as far as the medical side of it goes. These machines that we work on are 75 percent electrical. I decided to go to school about 10 years ago, because we wanted to grow this business, and we wanted to do some things we didn’t have the technology to do. It was kind of the missing link we needed to move this company forward. (Kurt – Instructor:) Electrical engineering is extremely broad, and there are many different flavors of electrical engineering. We’re teaching people how to do things. They get a good education. It’s a two-year, it’s an associate degree, and at the end of two years, they’re quite employable. What they are learning, more than anything else, is how to learn, how to investigate, how to find things on their own. (Glenn:) You’re able, like, actually learn something, and then apply it to electronic circuitry right away. Overall, I love coming to work. You know, I still enjoy it to this day. ( ♪♪ )