Hi, everyone. It’s Manny here again with another episode of embroidery hub on today’s episode we’re gonna cover the topic of Embroidering on the side of caps such as you see here now when it comes to embroidering on the side of caps you actually have different options One of them is actually Utilizing the regular hoops that you can actually just press on to the side of the caps and you can invert it just like that as if it were flat however for this episode We’re actually gonna focus on embroidering on the side of caps Utilizing the cap driver itself because it’s something that we’ve actually been being requests for so without further ado. Let’s get started Okay, so when it comes to embroidering on the sides of a cap using the cap driver itself You’re actually going to have to change a few parameters Inside the control panel itself so let me just go ahead and show you exactly what that is Now what’s going to have to be configured in order to be able to complete this process? Is that we’re actually going to have to expand the x-axis of the cap device itself, so the way that that’s done Is that you’re actually going to go into Emb parameters and then from here? We’re going to select frame and then on frame for the one. That’s the cap we’re actually going to have to extend the excise so by default it’s set to 260 which is generally just covering the front area of a cap But since we’re gonna get to the side we’re going to want to enlarge this number and I would say 350 is an ok number to get to the side of it, and then we just hit ok so once we do that when we go into the design set and We choose the cap hoop you’ll see that It’s already set 350 by 75 so my x-Axis is going to be at 350 Alright, and now as you can see it’s actually extended my area of where I can actually am border on so now that I have That set what I’m going to do is since I want to get it on the side of the cap I’m actually going to just use the arrow keys to get that design onto the side of the Area that we’re embroidering on and then this is where I will actually start the embroidery of my cap Ok so one thing that I wanted to show you guys here that’s going to be very important is the actual placement of the cap the cap device itself so as you can see here we’ve hoped our cap using the cab driver the Traditional way as if you’re going to embroider on the cap however as I mentioned before since we’re going to be doing the side What I’m gonna do now is I’m actually going to go ahead and shift it over so that we’re on the side of that cap now the reason why I’m able to go this far is because of that setting that we change to actually extend the width of the area that we’re working with so that’s the reason why we’re here now when it comes to the Positioning of where it’s going to be you you want to essentially lead yourself by needle number one So just make sure that you have your head placed on needle number one and then from here what you’re going to do is Depending on where you want the design you’re gonna have to make sure that you have neither one centered in that area now since we’re gonna want to go ahead and Place our design in the center of this panel what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna I it so that I can see that this Needle is in the center of both the panel’s and of course I can adjust if I wanted a bit lower, or higher So I’m just going to go a bit lower there just to center it Alright, and that looks about good now as you can see I haven’t placed the binder clips that hold onto the latch in the back and the reason why is because here is where I actually get to stretch out the Garment to make sure that it’s nice and even because you’re not gonna. Have as much structure here on the side of a cap Once that I see that. It’s nice and even Then that’s when I can actually go ahead and start placing the binder clips All right And now you see that When you know one is pretty much Centered with this panel. Which is where I want my design right in the center of this panel So now that I’m in position. I’m just going to go ahead and Trace the area All right that looks about good, so I’m just going to go ahead and start the design Okay, so we’re all finished now our design has fully completed so you can see is Nice and centered between the two seams on this panel now This was possible only because we wanted to just get the center of this panel itself now Let’s just say that you wanted to go a little bit more further than this and you wanted to actually Center your design with this center seam here now that is possible however as you can see here this center Seam is very close To the back bracket where the binder clips go on so even if I were able to get it that close I’m still gonna have the issue where the design overlaps more over here It’s possibly going to crash into this pole And we definitely don’t want that. So in that type of scenario what you’re gonna Have to do is you can actually set that with that we set at the beginning to 350? to a higher number like 400 for example And that’s Gonna allow you to go even further The only thing is when you hook the cap onto the device ring itself Like I mentioned that pole is right there right next to the center seam So what you’re going to have to do is to make up for that space is that you can hook the cap? But just slightly off to the right instead of it being centered So when you have it slightly off to the right? When you come over to the side is actually going to be off to the right? And it’s Gonna give you a lot more space to play with So that’s just a little tip that I wanted to include there just in case alright. So there you have it We’ve now imported on the side of a cap using the cap driver itself Now one thing that I want to add here Is that what we’ve done was a more straightforward way of doing it however There is a way then you can actually design this With the design itself what I mean by that is that you can actually take a take measurement and actually measure the physical dimensions of the cap that you’re embroidering on starting from the side of the seam all the Way around to the other side of the seam once you have that Predetermined you can set that as your area of design on your software and once you have those parameters Then you actually got to have to go ahead and take the measurement from the center all the way to the side of this sensor So that you know where to place this logo on Software itself, so essentially is already saving the design with the spacing of the sides center and the other side of the cap now as you can see that’s going to get a little bit more technical and Having to be much more precise. So that’s why this method is a little bit more straightforward And it’s less likely to cause any errors I want to thank you all for watching if you like this video Please make sure to hit the thumbs up button below and subscribe to our channel Feel free to comment if you have any questions regarding this video I also want to invite you to join our Facebook group in rotary and custom apparel mastery where you can join other embroiders and apparel decorators such as yourself in it you could ask questions and share tips and knowledge among one another and For any additional information about our products and services you can visit w-W-W S you’ll find all these links I mentioned in the description below again. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you back here next time peace out