Hi guys welcome back to another episode of embroidery hub today I’m gonna talk to you guys about 100% polyester fabric and now for those of you Who don’t know this type of material is the type of athletic wear performance wear that we see? requested by a lot of sports teams a lot of gym goers And it’s very popular in the custom apparel industry And of course people are attracted and want this type of fabric because it is very thin and very stretchy And it’s those very same properties that cause a few complications for embroiders So I want to talk to you exactly about what those type of issues are and how you can solve them It’s just a few quick fixes with your back and your hooping And you should have a much better product alright So perhaps the most common issue when embroidering on this type of material is pinching And now you can see that the design turns out a little wavy and there’s some wrinkles near the text That would be your pinching and there are several ways that you can get rid of this well number one you should make sure that your your garment is hooped properly that means you have to really ensure that the Backing is covering all the areas of the hoop It’s even more important to do so with 100% polyester and you also need to make sure that you’re not hooping to tightening because if you are hoping in too tight it’s gonna stretch out the Garment and since this material has a lot of stretch. It’s gonna bounce right back, and that’s what’s gonna cause the wrinkles so we also want to make sure that you are hoping with the right stabilizer and a lot of people use a combination of stabilizers for This certain material, and I’m gonna show you right now what type of stabilizers You can use depending on your means So you can use cutaway or? Tearaway backing now if you do decide to use tearaway backing I would be very careful when you are removing the tearaway Because when you’re tearing it off. You don’t want to be pulling on the stitches that could ruin your design and What we recommend is that you use? two sheets of cutaway of course depending on the thickness of your material and the weight of the backing and With whatever backing that you do decide to use you should use your temporary adhesive spray And what that will do is that it will help keep the garment in place? so it’s not moving around too much in the hoop and There is an alternative that a lot of embroiders like to use for things especially for this type of material and that is the Poly mesh no show backing. I have a sample right here And so you can see that it’s a lot thinner it’s softer And you can go ahead and use typically people use around two sheets for this and then this will eliminate the issue that we have Here we see the backing showing through sometimes if you want it to be cleaner and have like a nicer quality you would go ahead and use the No-show, and that should help take care of that issue all right? So one last thing that I wanted to remind you of is that if you are gonna embroider your small text And if you’re gonna work on textured garments such as this one you want to use your aqua top topping And if we take a look over here You will see that the stitches are Not showing up as well because we didn’t use aqua top topping if we did it would come out a little bit better a little bit clearer that’s another issue that embroiders are facing is the designs not showing up well and That leads me to my next issue which is right here. If you zoom back in Well we see that we have a little hole right here That couldn’t be from that can be from Not using a ballpoint. You know you should make sure that you are using a ballpoint You know we recommend smaller needles such as a 7010 ballpoint needle however You can use your sharp pointy toe you can go ahead and try it out with this embroidery We are using our shop print You know because we have a little bit bigger text, so it’s not gonna make much of a difference But if you’re using the smaller text, that’s really important that you should you should probably use your ballpoint so today? we’re gonna embroider on this little Jim tank top that is also 100% polyester and We’re gonna start off by the Hoopoe now. I have my two pieces of backing here, and I’m going to just quickly spray off To the side, I don’t want to The adhesive will quickly cling onto the garment, and this is very it’s a really clingy garment So you want to make sure that it’s getting that it’s up There you’re gonna get really flat All right So this is the finished garments as you can see there’s a lot clear difference between this one and this one this one’s a lot More wrinkly, and then this one’s nice and clean and flat I want to thank you all for watching if you like this video Please make sure to hit the thumbs up button below and to subscribe to our Channel and of course feel free to comment if you Have any questions regarding this video I also want to invite you to join our Facebook group embroidery and custom apparel mastery Or you can join other embroiders and apparel decorators such as yourself in it You could ask questions and share tips and knowledge among one another and for any additional information regarding our products or services you can visit w-w-w S you will find all these things that I mentioned in the description below again Thank you for watching, and I will see you back here next time