Hi welcome back to another episode of embroidery hub on a previous episode we explained how to actually embroider on the side of a cap And from that video we got lots of great feedback, but from it. They also had questions as far as – well How do you embroider on the back of a cap which is why on today’s episode? We’ll be covering just that Now when it comes to embroidering? On the back of a cap a lot of people are under the impression that since it’s a cap It should be on the cap driver. However. That’s far from the truth today We’re actually going to show you different methods that don’t require the cap driver on how to embroider on the back of caps one of them being using your regular traditional hoop and the other being Using the aid in one frame and so on today’s episode We’re actually going to cover how to embroider on the back of caps using both of those methods okay, so the first method that we’re going to be showing you today is how to Do it with the regular frame now when it comes to the regular frame before getting started? you’re gonna have to go ahead and adjust the frame a bit more bigger than usual only because of The Hat straps in the back depending on the hat this may vary this hat since it has velcro straps on the back It’s pretty thick and it’s going to get caught with the belt So I need this to be much more wider of course depending on Your different structure hat it may be that it’s a fitted cap where it’s completely covered It’s going to be much easier with that method and then the snap backs that Close with the holes in place that one is actually much easier than this one that has the velcro the vertical is much thicker So that is why we’re utilizing this one because it’s the most difficult one out of all now to embroider the back of the cap you’re gonna need a corner side of a table That’s what’s gonna make this possible, and so what we’re gonna. Do here is you’re gonna take your ring for the hoop And place it right at the corner of the table where it meets both edges Then we’ll take our backing for this project. We’re going to use tearaway. That’s what you should be using when embroidering on caps and so we’re gonna place it onto our hoop and Now the reason why we want the corner of the table is because it’s going to allow us – essentially place the cap over the ring itself, and this is where we’re going to push in onto the cap Now when it comes to Centering it It’s going to take a bit of practice to get but Remember that this side of the hoop with the ufa u-shape facing to the right Is what you can use to kind of guide yourself to make sure that? It’s nice and centered so as you can see it’s now nice and centered at this point all you would have to do is just tighten up the frame So you have a nice tight grip there, and now we’re ready to go ahead and hoop it so when hoping it You’re gonna hoop the frame as if it were the same regular frame regardless if it’s a cap and so I’ll go in just the same way Now One key difference here is that since we’re using our C frame? Since we didn’t pick cap it didn’t flip the logo itself And so that’s something that you’re gonna have to remember to do when doing it with this method so you can see right now it’s Ezra como, but it’s just right-side up, and so we’re gonna have to go into a design set and Manually go into the setting where it actually flips our design 180 degrees Then we click OK now you can see it’s upside-down because it is going to embroider exactly how it’s on here At this point all I have to do now is just Go ahead and make sure that I Center my design on the cap and once I have found my Center I’ll just go ahead and trace the design Alright it looks good, and now we’re ready to start All right so there you go give now Dan bordered on the back of a cap using the regular hope so we’ll just go ahead and just Turn off our tearaway And there you have it So now we’re gonna move on and do the same thing we just did but using GE Anyone who? Alrighty so for the Aiden one hoop the one that we’re gonna utilize is the D shaped frame This is gonna make it much more easier to capture the back of the cap and so the way this works is that we’re going to take our adhesive backing and So Once you peel it off. You want to make sure that we place our adhesive backing facing up and Then we’re going to come at the corner this you could do it on the edge of the table to make it easier to Just get it nice and flat there and then any excess of course you can just go ahead and peel off All right, so Once you finish applying the adhesive backing again the corner of the table is going to be useful for this method as well And so when we have the frame lined up Right with the edge of the table as we did before with the plate of the frame Again you’re going to use it so that you can get Deep into the Hat And so as you can imagine this one’s going to be much easier to actually go ahead and censor it And then you want to go ahead and make sure you press it nice and firm So then once we have that set up the next step is going to be Placing the frame And so your friends going to go On the arms using the same position if it were your regular a B or C hoop Once it’s in place Then we can go ahead and slot in the frame that we’re using Make sure it’s in place then we just clamp it down Now once It’s here all I have to do is actually go ahead and Center my needle now remember Same thing as we did with the frame You’re going to have to make sure that you go into the design set and you go ahead and flip your design 180 degrees Here, we’ve already done so because it was already done with the previous Embroider that we did so now all I have to do is just Center my needle And that looks right about good, just go ahead and do a quick trace All right that looks good All right, so we’ve now finished embroidering on the eighth and one device for the back of the cap and So as you can see as far as quality of the embroidery It’s pretty much the same The only difference was that you can see it was much more Efficient hooping with the aid in one device and that’s the benefit of having the eight on one device But regardless is still possible either way now. I know some of you may be thinking well what we did was just Embroidering letters straight across and some some may be wondering well What about if you wanted to catch the arc of the back of the cap that is possible however? It’s a bit more tricky because it’s going to be dependent on the design itself. You’re going to have to make sure that the Diameters or the perimeter of the design is actually forming with the back of your cap so it’s possible But take it to consideration. There is going to be a bit more tricky I want to thank you all for watching if you like this video Please make sure to hit the thumbs up button below and subscribe to our Channel I also want to invite you to connect with us and other Embroiderers in our facebook support group where you can ask questions and share knowledge You’ll find the link to the group in the description and a link to our website as well again Thanks for watching, and I’ll see you back here next time