Hey, guys, welcome to part 2 of the top 10 mistakes that embroiderers make, make sure that you are not making one of these mistakes stick around to find out what they are So like i said before this is part two of a two-part series At least for now, because there are a bunch of other mistakes that, we would want to warn you guys About so if you, want to see more types of videos like These top mistakes and embroiders makes let us know and if we are enough comments We’ll be happy to make more before we jump in i just wanted to remind You, guys, that if you have, any questions at all throughout the video to leave a comment below And we’ll get back to you with an answer and i also wanted to say thank you to everyone, who has subscribed if you’re new here Welcome if this is your first time watching don’t forget to hit subscribe and without further, ado let’s jump in so if you Guys, saw the last episode you know that i mentioned that in part 2 We would be going over mistakes that you make Specifically on your machine and now these are just simple adjustments that people sometimes tend to overlook, we often get phone calls and? Usually it’s just something very simple that they just forgot about or they’re probably, new And don’t know, so we’re gonna go over what that is now number one has to do with your hoops and specifically how You, place your hoops into the machine so there’s actually two mistakes that fall under this category, and i’m gonna show You, exactly, why, and how this can ruin your garment alright so i hope my part of it and i’m just gonna put a put it in About 50 of these shirts to do so you know And it’s about very impressed All right so excuse, me that this isn’t a unappealing test blank and i’m trying to Unhook, this look, what happened. Oh wait i can’t All right so now i have this crazy Mess and i’m gonna have to cut the shirt in order to get the hoop out and then i have All of this embroidered on the back and it’s just a giant Mess and it’s all because i forgot and i overlooked the important detail of? Putting the shirt through the sewing arm that’s very important so don’t embroider it through your shirt because you will ruin it and You’re, gonna end up with missed and we’re back with, another mistake that, we make with hooping. And that is how You, place the hoop into the machine and we all know we’re taught that, we have to place the hoop, with a U-shape facing toward the machine all right so here, we have our hoop We see the u-shape it needs to be on the right side and facing towards the machine Don’t forget it needs to be on the right side, some people tend to overlook and they usually as long As the u is facing towards the machine they, don’t realize, but i’m gonna show You, the difference, why This is important and why this can cause your material you’re designed to shift so here you see this is the correct, way? As you can see the brackets fall right under so it’s sitting straight Next i’m going to show You, what happens when you hoop it this way so while it may seem like it hoops secure so you might not even notice it’s actually not Sitting straight it’s not sitting flush on the bracket so it can definitely move during embroidery, and i’m gonna show you an even worse one and that is With the u-shaped facing Toward you and some of the machine That one’s even worse? Point, is get them all correct, even when you’re, going quickly just make sure Maybe you can, even put like a little Marker here or something like a, little blue little sticker to tell. You hey, the u has to be here homes Number two and this is another one that we see a lot, and that is choosing the wrong hoop And when i say wrong hoop i mean by choosing the wrong hoop, to embroider with to begin with And also choosing the wrong hoop on your panel so let’s talk about, what i mean by choosing The wrong hoop on your panel so as you can see i have my hoop d and here on my panel if you look Closely, you’ll see that i have my square hoop So as you can see i have a larger hoop selected than i do on, my actual machine And that can give you, issues because your designs will not be centered relative to the hoop and also Because you have that false confidence that you have more space when you actually don’t so your design might actually Be too large for your hoop Another one has to do with choosing the wrong hoop is choosing a hoop That is too large for your design so just because you are embroidering a very large garment Does not mean that you need a large hoop, you can, use the smallest hoop That your design will fit in and that’s what’s gonna give you the best tension And make sure that your fabric is it bouncing back and puckering around your letters So number three is actually placing the materials Incorrectly in the machine and what i mean by that is the materials that you’re going to be using such as your thread your Bobbin thread and your needle, so i’m gonna go over, why, and how, you can place things and correct, me and what can happen So i’m gonna start with top thread Sometimes you can, place your spools in a way that there’s gonna be causing snagging, and that’s gonna happen so you’re, gonna be wondering Why, is there snagging am i threatening you might be pulling Sometimes check just right from the very beginning it might be that so adjust your spool and then another thing We look into is if you actually threaded? Your machine correctly, down the thread path sometimes you’re missing a spot or sometimes there can Be some snagging so make sure that you have it everything Perfectly, threaded how it’s supposed to be and That you don’t forget about. Your thread brake sensor wheels because that if you Don’t have this started that’s where you’re gonna start getting. Your false tread freaks That’s when your thread is still attached to your garlotte? and i also encourage you guys to Feel your thread if there’s no snagging and you feel the tension is correct And you’ve obviously thread your machine correct then, you’re good to go the next one in this category is Your needle if you place your needle in incorrectly you can, have shredding you can have a number of issues so sometimes We have people calling in or we have people posting on our facebook group, what’s wrong can You, guys, explain, what’s going on why i don’t have shredding and then we look at the needle and it happens to be black Where it’s slanted so always make sure that the indent so that would Be that little scarf right there in the back, that has to be facing toward the machine which Means that the flat portion of the needle needs to be facing you but three We have our bobbin threads and incorrectly threading your bobbin thread can cause a number of issues including Birds nesting so you definitely, want to make sure that your bobbin, is threaded correctly and that once you do insert a, new Bobbin that you actually leave a little bit a little tail of thread coming out because you Want the top thread to be able to catch the bobbin if not you could run into Birds nesting number four has to, do with tension settings on your machine and you typically see, issues with, the Way, people place their knobs they either have, them, way too tight or way too loose and then also This bar right here in the center they either have it all the way down or all the way up so this is how it Should, look, like right here in the center as you can see you can see that i will tighten the tension Significantly when i face it all the way down and then you will also See that once i place it all the way up and the tension will loosen significantly so the recommendation is to leave it at The center or maybe one two. Clicks max from the Center or want to click two. Clicks down, from the center so My, suggestion is to keep it at the center and then play around with Your knobs because if you have this all the way down, you’re not looking at this first you might Tighten your knobs way too much and then You’re, just gonna have to go back and make a bunch of adjustments so keep it at the center one or two Clicks up or down is okay so a question that, we get a lot, is why are, my stitches looping And that’s usually because you have loose tension it can, also be because your needle is worn out but Typically, we see it’s that? We people are having issues with, your tension so you definitely you can just adjust Your knobs make sure that this is in the center. Adjusting your knobs Making them a little bit tighter will help tighten up those stitches number five is not maintaining Your machine properly and i don’t just mean oiling everyone knows You have to oil our machines i also mean cleaning that’s very important and i’m gonna show You, why in just a minute so one that some embroiderers tends to overlook is this right here your rotary hook Area, you got to make sure that you’re keeping, this area as clean as possible because this can give you, thread breaks And i’m going to explain, why This is not what you want to see when you open up your rotary hook, you Want to make sure that you’re constantly cleaning down there getting rid of excess thread getting rid of residue another thing that We see a lot, is that, we have people, who work frequently with adhesive stabilizers and sprays you Want to get rid of that residue you can actually use like a hook cleaner that you can get at a broidery supply store and That will help you clean that up and prevent issues because you can get your thread furring Like towards the towards the top of the needle kind of so you definitely don’t want that to happen so keep your area clean Alright so there you have it i just want to remind You, guys, that this is part two there is a part one that We are linking and also i did say Numbers one through five in this video but i actually meant 6. Through 10 so Go, ahead and see the other video if you haven’t seen it yet so i hope you guys Enjoyed this video if you have experienced a mistake like this or if you’ve experienced another mistake leave a comment below And also if you, want to see more of these types of top mistakes videos that let, us know And we’ll make a few more if enough people comment so with that being said I want to thank you guys for watching if you, like, this video please make Sure to leave a big thumbs up and to subscribe to our channel and i also want to invite you guys to our facebook group Embroidery and custom apparel, mastery, where you can Ask, questions chat with myself and others so go ahead and don’t be afraid to join the group We have thousands of embroiders in there waiting to answer your questions i’ve linked it below So go ahead and join it and i’ll see you You, guys are awesome i try to be funny let, me do it again, because i stopped lucy