hey guys today we’re going to learn how
to embroider on jacket backs so if you’re interested in learning how to get
a nice large colorful piece of embroidery on the back of your jackets
then stick around to find out the best practices alright so for today’s project
we’re going to be turning this simple denim jacket into a beautiful
masterpiece with some nice colorful embroidery on the back so I’m going to
show you what we’re using to make it happen alright so we’re gonna get
started by introducing the materials that we’re going to be using for this
particular project now here I have some temporary adhesive spray that I’m going
to go ahead and pair with cutaway stabilizer I am using cutaway stabilizer
because the design is 24,000 stitches and also it’s not going to show in the
back so I prefer to always back up my material with cutaway when possible this
is a little bit stretchy although it is denim it is a little bit stretchy so I
would always recommend on a stretchy fabric to use your cutaway backing here
I also have the stitch out of the design as you can see here i embroidered it
with some glue but I changed my mind and I’m going to use a little bit more red
and oranges that you’re gonna see now when I put it on the machine
just so it can compliment the fall season that were in I also wanted to
mention that I got this design from hoopmade.com if you guys are interested in
downloading this design for free today you can go ahead and click on the link
in the description and you can sign up and get a free embroider design from
their growing library every single month there is also a paid membership where
you can get more than one design every month depending on what tier you choose
so but if you do want a free design then you can go on today sign up and get this
design for free last but not least I have my 12 by 8 hoop this is for the e/m1010 embroidery machine and it’s perfect size for a jacket back like this so as
you can see I already have my Center marked with a little bit of chalk now
I’m just gonna go ahead and hoop the cutaway stabilizer
and the denim jacket and we’re gonna go ahead and put it in the machine all right so I went ahead and hooped to my
material tightly and as you can see since this is a thicker material than
just your regular polo shirt for instance and you do have the seams
obstructing where the hoop is supposed to be tight then what I did was that I
went ahead and I hoped it my unscrewed the screws just a little bit I loosened
them a little bit so I can be able to get the hoop in get the material in the
hoop and then what I did was I just adjusted these screws and tightened it
once it was already in the hoop and now I have a nice tight embroidery I mean a
nice tight hoop that I know is going to be fine once I put in the Machine I also
wanted to mention that with this machine you can embroider and hoop the jacket
back with this twelve by eight hoop but you can also you also have the ability
of buying magnetic hoops that are compatible with these seven machines and
that will really help save time on the hooping process and make sure that the
jacket or any thick material is really in there tight and it’s not gonna have
any problems while I’m broidery last thing I wanted to mention is that when
you’re using a machine like this that you don’t have any of the material on
the bottom under the sewing arm so that you don’t sew any other the material
that it’s not intended to be sewn as you can see I put the arms out to the side
resting on the legs of the machine so this heavy material is gonna have
something to rest on so you won’t have to worry about it becoming loose in the
hoop as the Machine stitches last thing I wanted to mention was the needle
choice now I am using a 7511 sharp point needle which is your standard needle for
most embroidery projects now if you are going to be using a thicker or less
stretchy denim I recommend a 8012 needle because that’s
gonna help it’s not gonna dull as quickly but for this denim it is a
little bit thinner so it’s okay to use your 7511 sharp point so next thing I’m
just gonna go ahead and quickly Center I already have my Center marked here and
it’s lined up with my notches on my hoop and then I’m gonna press start all right
so let’s quickly talk about machine speed now I’m running this design design
on this jacket at 650 now for jackets you can run your designs at regular flat
speed which is 800 but again that depends on the type of design you’re
using because I’m using this design that has a lot of fine details you want to
slow down the speed of your machine a bit so that the details can really pop
out all right so here is the finished
product and as you can see this feather design is perfect on denim for autumn as
you can see I chose four different colors I have some vert orange in there
some white in there some red and some mustard yellow and I was able to do it
all in one hooping and without stopping the Machine once on our multi needle
alright so there you have it I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial if you did
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