Gentlemen… start your engines! Really guys? We can do better than this. Coming up on this edition of Up To Speed Center. What could possibly make NASCAR even faster? We head to Daytona for the answer. Plus, an impressive winning streak has one team thinking, “Nothing but net…work.” And the video that’s got everyone asking themselves, “What’s my edge?” Up To Speed Center starts now! Welcome to Up To Speed Center. I’m Jess “The Boneyard” Bonardi. And I’m Andy “Stephen A.” Choi. Is that my suit? Andy, you wish. That’s definitely my tie. Someone’s gotta look good in it. Topping our news, we haven’t seen a racing partnership this good since Ricky Bobby’s Shake… & Bake! Verizon’s putting Nascar on the fast track. Let’s check in now with Chris Ashraf and Kyle Ragonese from Florida with the details. Hello from the Daytona International speedway where race fans are gathering for this weekend’s Daytona 500! Ahead of the big race, we just announced Verizon is Nascar’s official partner for wireless telecommunications and 5G mobility. Plus as the official Wi-Fi partner of 12 Nascar tracks, we’re going to be modernizing those tracks by improving connectivity over the next three years. Now back to you in the studio! Guys this is so exciting I don’t know what to do with my hands. Kyle, Chris thank you very much for that report from Daytona. Boneyard, thank you. In other news, there’s a certain kind of swagger that you need when you’re part of a championship team. That’s why when Kyle Malady calls his shot, the network leader follows through. Well I would consider it real 5G. The only thing though, it’s like a basketball game. It’s a lot easier to make a layup than it is to make a 3 pointer. We’re trying to make 3 pointers. These guys are doing layups. And as cool as a 5G phone, Malady from downtown delivers… just like our network every single day… booyah! Let’s get Up To Speed’s Matt Fiedler here to break down the numbers. Fiedy what do you go? Thanks guys, it is time to bust out those NASA brooms, we have a clean sweep across the board. Check this out — #1 in JD Power, RootMetrics, Open Signal, Nielsen. Not only is our 4G championship caliber, our 5G is en fuego! 34 cities, 17 stadiums, 7 arenas now with Ultra Wideband. And a jump shot smoother than a gigabit download. Call Kyle butter because he is on a roll. Jumanji! Thanks Fiedy. Let’s talk training camp. Now the V Team’s got new tools for all of us to win big in the 2020 season and beyond! You’re gonna want to check out My Edge — a video series that debuts today on VzWeb You’ll hear from business visionaries and fellow V Teamers. We caught up with our HR team after an impressive debut. Woo, Man, I gotta tell you guys, we have been working hard and this series is all about challenging ourselves as we imagine our future, innovate to move forward and inspire one another. Ultimately we want people to watch this series and as themselves “What’s My Edge?” My Edge? Witty banter… Hmm… you might wanna watch that video again Andy. That’ll do it for us. Thanks for watching Up To Speed Center. And thank you Fiedy, for that great analysis… wait, where are your pants? Well, I have a one-on-one with Kyle in a little bit so… just limbering up. You guys wear pants under there? On that note… Til next time, you’re up to speed.