oh everyone ~ (t/n: not sure)#night care # photoshoot #daily life #healing #mukbang #chat i am going to film my day uh, first can you pour bananas (t/n: ???) (first banana mukbang) for tomorrow’s photoshoot i need to sleep soon see you tomorrow goodnight ~ tie your hair before cleansing always tie it this way i will remove the eye makeup melt ~ melt ~ *crispy* i need to work hard on treatments before bed, always have plenty of lip balm on i will open a package i ordered a cardigan (this is not a still image) it wasn’t my clothes, it was lucy’s order bye bye, goodnight my swollen face take a cold roller from the refrigerator! as it is.. it can’t swell physical exercise… i bought a hallabong (mandarin orange) for breakfast ~ yum delicious! (fun lunchtime.. yum) (the eyes and eyebrows show the truth) why am i making so many accidents today? not cool ~ this is my favorite meat ♡ it’s more delicious than what i ate during the shoot after the shooting i am going to eat meat my cousin and i have decided to meet and eat meat together and.. i was given pretty flowers as a gift it’s so pretty i took a picture in the flower garden at the shooting today i got a pretty gift like this it was a little hard, but i had fun at the shooting (good job) i have been eating a low salt diet for two days to oil my neck ( t/n: something to help her neck) i’m leaving ~ i’m going to meet my cousin it was nice to meet you after a long time we came to a restaurant recommended by (someone from) pilates delicious! i really… it was really hard the smoothness.. samgyeopsal.. one samgyeopsal and one pork belly and one soybean paste stew i was so excited because i’m hungry excited this is samgyeopsal! this is pork belly! did you not try it? watching the video makes me want to eat again… i will tomorrow if you are expecting honest comments on the vlog.. boss! are you watching? it’s so delicious i eat well.. i think my hunger increases when it comes to meat i found out ~ he gave me hye-hyang (a type of fruit) as service thank you ~ the ceremony of joy it’s so delicious! after all it is cheon hye-hyang photos for twitter! my cousin took it we ate well! fill up and set off for your next destination next is the cafe! it was so cold that i just went in ~ [ordering] what did you say this was? what bread? what bread! they gave me this as a service this one is.. somehow.. citron tea but this too i’ve been eating it and i ordered two of these awesome ~ delicious ~ i had a good time with my cousin, who had been in contact with me for nearly ten years i learn english and my friend learns korean (t/n: i think she also refers to her cousin as friend!) now i’ve picked up a taxi to go home hello! the way home i went to the subway station to take my friend i’ll take you in particular ah should i buy it? (a transportation card) just so you can ride it? goodbye bye ~ oh, where where where are you pressing?! you should press it here! my cousin is still adapting to korea now i will take a ponder it’s nice to listen to a song in the chilly wind at night ‘something new’ is doyeon’s song recommendation thank you for joining us on KiKi’s log. let’s meet again next time, bye!