Have you been struggling to keep up with
your course recently? I’m Anita and I work in the Student Engagement Team. We
may be able to help you. And I’m Sam and we’re here to give advice and support so
you can get the most out of your degree I think this idea that when you come to
university it’s all about the academic within you,
growing, learning, and that’s actually not completely true. Coming to university is
about a whole load of things and if you just take one chunk out of that pie the
rest can get neglected. Brush up on your academic skills by coming to one or more
of our workshops we cover all sorts from essay writing to delivering presentations. They helped me because they explained how to
write essays and reports. I strongly recommend to all the students to get in
touch with this service. We also offer drop ins where you can speak to a member
of the team on a one-to-one basis. At the beginning I was quite lost with my
assignments. It didn’t flow. I didn’t know how to tidy up my work, so the
engagement team sat down with me and they showed me how to tidy up my work
which made a lot more sense. It is a pleasure to read my work after I sat down
with the engagement team. Being paired with a peer mentor is another great option.
Having gone through the same or similar course they know how challenging
University can be. You can use any of the engagement team services. We want to make
sure you can get the best out of your course. Do not hesitate to contact us for
more information. Come directly to a drop-in or ask at student services on
the street.