Hi, my name is Francine Chemnick. I’m the Director of the International programs
for the Professional and Continuing Education Department at the University of San Diego. We are here to help students, and encourage
students so that their English improves to a degree where they can transfer to the University. Students that come to our program, they come
from all over the world, some of them at different levels of English proficiency, and they come
here and not only do they learn to speak, write, read, listen with much more confidence
than when they first came, but they also feel like they’re part of a family. And I have heard that echoed by many students-
that it’s more than just coming to a school, that the teachers and the staff all encourage
them to such a degree that they feel that there’s a family who cares about them, and
I think that speaks volumes. Many come here because of the weather. Many come here because they know California-
they see it in the movies. But San Diego is unique in the choice that
we are a clean, beautiful, safe city with lots of things to do. They’re going to have an experience where
they’re going to be immersed fully into American culture. San Diego is an iconic city in terms of American
culture. We are a melting pot. They will not only meet students from other
countries here in school, but also on the outside when they live their lives day to
day. When they leave the program they have such
a good experience that they tell their friends and their family. It is very common to have friends, brothers,
sisters, who have come five, six years in the past- their little brother, their little
sister, their next-door-neighbor come to our program. I think that is reflective of how we work.