Bro, don’t go Wait here, we’ll build a start-up. You’ll have to spend a lot there! Now you’ll be hanging out partying with girls all the time Find an American guy for me too please And someone who’s my height too! Bro, don’t go Save your parents’ money. Think about them for a second! Wait here. Now everyday parties, drinking, clubbing, enjoying life! Enjoy life! If you don’t find anyone for me, call me there. I’m always ready to come! Bro….No Guys.. Aww, you’re still like a kid and going so far. Haha, ok ok! Hey!! Episode 2: Privileges and Problems *Flight lands* Thanks a lot for picking me up from the airport. No problem bro! Any problems while coming to the US? No no! 2 people came to help me in India! That too from the US! Oh! Who? The teleportation and the sixth sense idiot? Ya ya! How do you know them? They are my roommates! See you soon! Dad!!! Dad?! You started missing India so soon! Oh no! You actually look like my dad! Seems like you haven’t got new sleep! Come in and get some rest! Come sit down bro, you must be tired. Yes man! It’s a nice mattress, where did you get it from? It’s good isn’t it? I got it from Walmart. Yea I wanted to video call with my family telling them that I’ve reached safely, do you have any idea about the wifi access? Even I landed today morning, I don’t know how to get access yet. I don’t even know anyone here. Do you know anybody that can help? I know 2 people! They came to India to help me. They told me that whenever I might encounter a problem, I just need to remember them, and they will come to help me. So call them! You don’t need to call them. Why? Wait I’ll show you. How will they come then? Hold on! Where are we now? This is your trademark dialogue. I was talking about them! Oh you were talking about them! Who doesn’t know them? What’s the issue now? We wanted to video call home and have no clue about the wifi access. Oh, that’s it? That’s easy peasy. Chulbul, pass me the laptop! Here it is! Taral, you know the student ID and password right? Ya. Give me 2 minutes, It’ll be done. Done Student ID? raj3311 Password? Winter Is Coming 😉 I’ll connect it right now! It’s connected. Your problem solved! Let’s video call now! Our work is done here! Adios Amigos! It feels good to talk home! I feel refreshed. I shouldn’t sleep right? Ya, you will be jet-lagged then! Yea that’s right. But I don’t think I will be jet-lagged. 5 minutes of sleep shouldn’t harm you. You can rest for sometime. Can you wake me up in 5-10 minutes? Yes, I will wake you up in 5 ! Cool thanks! Pressure, pressure, pressure, PRESSURE! Hey! Hey! Damn, there’s no jet no mug no tumbler! What should I do? Where am I now? You guys should at least tell me before coming! How do I use this? Like this! Taral, where’s drinking water? What’s the matter? There’s no water to drink at home! What are you searching for? I need water to drink! Here it is! Isn’t there an Aquaguard or water cooler here? This is the water purifier! So you drink this water and also wash dishes with it? This is US! You only get clean water here! Are you sure? Mom dad, save me please! Thank you! Have a nice day! Did you see her? Yes bro! We even spoke! You da man bro! I’ve started to enjoy US now! It’s been just a week and we have already started settling down. We had some problems in the start, but the 2 guys helped us a lot! It’ll be even more fun in the coming days! We’ll have more friends coming here like us! You’re right! Where are we now? This is your trademark now! Why have you come now? We don’t even have a problem! My sixth sense is telling me that you have an unfulfilled wish! Now you know our wishes too! I actually have a wish! What kind of a wish? Salman Khan’s new movie has released! Yea, Bajrangi Bhaijaan! Oh, Bajrangi! Like, Sharan, Bhaijaan! Sharan, Bhaijaan! Come on guys, let’s go! Come on guys, let’s go!