Hey guys, G’day It’s me Stu again from Stuzenter. That half alien, half adventurer So the episode for TODAY … As my little antenna picked up over the airwaves you’re thinking … “Why sooooo many international students choose to study in Australia?” Well guess what .. you’re lucky because every 2 years The Department of Education and Training, funds a survey to understand just that with TERTIARY study. In 2016 there were over 65,000 international STU..dents Get it?? STU dents HAHAHA that participated in the survey. The overall satisfaction of these experiences was 89% which was almost 2 points more than 2 years ago. And did you know? .. That nearly three quarters of these students said, Australia was their FIRST choice for overseas study … how awesome is thaatt. So what about the influencing factors that lead to that high satisfaction score in the survey? The top factor for students to study in Australia was reputation of the chosen qualification. Then … it was reputation of Australia’s education system. Then it was safety and security. And equal fourth and fifth place were reputation of the chosen school and the quality of research published. There you gooo, further proof that Australia offers you world class education with an awesome reputation. As always, simply say G’day anytime and WhatsApp msg me +61 424 099 834 or email me [email protected] with any questions you might have. Speak to you soon C’yas later.