Hello! It is Laia Muntal! I am an ESDi 3rd year Fashion Design student. Regards to the Staff and everyone! How are you doing? I am doing an Erasmus in London, at the London College of Fashion, a UAL University, the University of Arts of London. I will be here from September to February. So far I am truly happy, I am at the center of London. I wanted to film this video at the university or in the middle of the street , but London’s life is wild and I didn’t have the chance to do it calmly. I wanted to tell you that an Erasmus in an incredible experience. Everybody will say the same, but I really mean it. Especially in the world of fashion, even though we might have lots of chances in Barcelona, when you open yourself to new horizons, it is really heavy the things you can learn and get inspired from: foreigners, Erasmus students, teachers, classes and life in general. Since here design is more stimulated and everything is more developed and it is amazing! I truly recommend you to have this experience Also, the university where I am studying is good, really big with lots of campuses and you have the chance to attend to all the libraries and workshops that you want They also give you lots of opportunities beyond classes, such as extra workshops. They also help you with personal issues in case of need professors, tutors… Even though you have to be more independent, since the professors are not standing over as much as in ESDi and you have to do things for yourself, you have thousands of opportunities to learn a lot and it is really amazing. ESDi it’s really good since Gara and Eva will help you a lot and it is not so difficult to get all the procedures done. You need to prepare a Portfolio, a cover letter and your CV. However, it is not difficult and it is an amazing experience and you should take advantage of it since ESDi has lots of resources we might not know about them but you should use them. That’s all! Best of regards from London to everyone and good luck! Bye!!!