[music] Brenda Nelson: It was an amazing experience. I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to do it. Ashley Hoppe: Yeah, I’m more independent and I feel more comfortable wandering around by myself although I shouldn’t because Paris is scary. I’m more social. Courtney Quirsfeld: I see Paris differently now. Everyone always said oh pickpockets But I never thought that would happen to me, and how scary that would be to lose everything. To, yeah, be more independent. Felicia James: Well, in grade school, high school, college you learn about different history across the world but being able to see it in person has been really good for me. Andrew Poppy: To be in Paris hanging out with all my new friends, which are very interesting, they’re all diverse, which is very awesome. So, yeah, the variety of personalities are somehow able to get along. Very good. Jeana Luxmore: I absolutely loved it. Paris was kind of creepy. I’m a lot more independent. I found out how social I can be with knowing only one person on this trip and having to socialize with a bunch of strangers. Shelly Sterner: I think the Eiffel Tower was the coolest part of this trip. You see pictures and everything. You can’t even imagine seriously how huge it is. What it is to this city, this marvel. Really cool. Kimberly Catullo: I came in not knowing a lot about Paris Other than what my sister would have said. I think that Paris definitely met every expectation I think there were negative things about it, like the smelliness and somehow, always being afraid to cross the street. Kind of a little shocker when it came to expectation But I think overall I like Paris. I’m having the time of my life and I would do it again in a heartbeat. [music]