Expand your reach globally My audience consists of a lot of
different people from all over the world. I think in my analytics it says
I have over 170 different countries. I use YouTube analytics to not only
see where my audience is from but to see what kind of people are watching. Male, female, how old are they? So that way I can cater to them
but also still be myself. But a huge part of my strategy as well is making sure
that I interact with people on YouTube by reading a replying to comments
and getting to know my viewers. Hello there mate! I love using YouTube analytics because it allows me
to see what videos are really standing out and that’s how I found out
that the birthday cake was doing really well. And so we realized that we should build more videos,
create more content around that video. This time we’re making what? A birthday card. Another great tool that I found
with YouTube are the thumbnails. When we first started our channel
we were just drawing with a black sharpie, and the thumbnail was just
a black and white of our drawing and then we thought it would be
a lot of fun to include coloring in our lessons. And so even the thumbnails
became more colorful and more vibrant. And we noticed a huge change
where more people were clicking on our videos and watching them just because
they looked more exciting to watch. Thank you for tuning in on
Cook with April on tasty Tuesday! We’ve experimented in a few ways
to try and grow our global audience. We invested pretty heavily about a year ago and went back over every single one of her cooking videos,
and got captions created for all of them. We’ve also experimented with having our videos translated,
having subtitles in different languages. On some videos that have a large amount of viewership we invested in translating those languages
of the top five or top ten countries. So while the lumpia is frying
we can go ahead and grab some more parchment paper. The advice that I would give to other creators
to reach a global audience is to do helpful videos, to do videos that just show
what you’re doing more so than anything. It’s like DIYs, how-to videos,
a lot of cooking videos are just pretty much just showing the food and
that will help you grow a global audience.