Well, when I was thinking of doing my
master, I thought that it would be very nice to go to another country like to a
very different culture and Azerbaijan was like a very friendly country and the
programs and all the information was very easy to get so, I decided to come here. Well, mainly, the fact that I studied Turkish, undergraduate, I was very keen to
see how different Azerbaijani was and to learn a bit of Azerbaijani possibly. It was the fact I’m originally from here and it was really exciting for me to
come and explore the city that I’m from. My major in my Korean university is
Turkish so, like we have the opportunity to go to either Turkey or Azerbaijan and
I tried to go to Turkey but my GPA wasn’t really great. ‘sad moments’ I decided to go to Azerbaijan. As I have traveled a lot of to Europe countries, I wanted to expand my horizon by going somewhere besides European Union because it’s
really easy to travel in Europe but it’s not that much ‘you won’t go to the other
countries’. So, Caucasus region interests me. In my university, we have a rank so, we
choose destination according to our rank so, I have to choose between the
destinations I had and I wanted something that I didn’t know and I didn’t know
anything about Azerbaijan. This country we don’t know a lot in France, so, I
decided to choose Azerbaijan because just for first semester and it was a
place I’d never went before. My sister used to study before me here. So, she gave
me the background I needed. Favorite thing about Azerbaijan? I’ll give two things: first is price because when you’re foreigners and especially when you’re from I’d
say, from Western Europe you can do a lot of things because of the difference of
price so, I could discover everything about Baku and also I love the diversity. There
is everything, Russian, Georgian in Azerbaijan. Even if I think it’s
more in ADA than in the rest of Baku there is really a lot of people to meet. Well there are a few things. I think the people are wonderful, the cuisine
obviously is glorious, and Baku is a wonderful city. I would say that is
the fact that it is a crossroads of so many cultures, and that is very like very
unique and very spectacular from the place. But I would say that honestly
the hospitality and the friendliness of the people has been very great and
inviting. Maybe the people. People are really warm. Favorite thing.. Tea ceremonies
I’m a tea drinker and I literally like the whole concept of every time to drink
tea so. The old city, Icharishahar. Shah Plov. My favorite food is the lentil soup. I
love it because it reminds me of home because we use lentils but here they do
it better, I have to say. Phakhlava. I don’t know if I am pronouncing it right but yeah. I like the sweetness of it and the nut on it. Pomidor-yumurta. Tomato with scrambled eggs like in breakfast or at the end of the party
it’s the best. Qutab, because it’s easy to find and it has a good taste. My favorite
food is Tendir. The bread. It is so good because like it comes before the main
dishes and I like them so much so like I eat them like before and I get
full before the main dish. Qutab because I grew up eating those and it
just reminds me of coming within my family. Different. In a good way.
Especially, Baku, more glassy up notch and you can see mountains when you go to the regions. I would say windy, beautiful, historic and modern. The mix of the old and
the new and just a lot of culture. The contrast between the old city and the
new buildings. Open-minded, secular, attractive and easygoing. I mean, people are easygoing. Land of fire and wind. Very hospitable, very beautiful, very friendly. I would say that Azerbaijan is a country with pure people like they’re
really happy and like they’re not really stressed or nervous. Icharishahar. I would say Baku because Baku is
quite an extraordinary city, I think. Maybe, Icharishahar because it is so
old. That’s something that I’ve never seen before. I think the amusement park in the middle of the normal park, there is kind of like.. the.. the.. there is.. like Vikings and like roller coasters.. The thing.. I that I don’t
remember the word but there is a like the thing that rides.
Do you get it? Yeah attractions! Yeah, yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah. You don’t have to go to
the amusement park to ride attractions and there is like attractions in the
middle of like normal park so, I thought that was really cool. When I travel to
Shaki region and we went to the mountains side. It was like 2 kilometers steep. We went by funicular and afterwards we saw like I was above the clouds so, it
was the first and the foremost the most beautiful thing. The oil rigs out in the
Caspian Sea and the different kind of buildings that are coming up here. Qarabağ-Arsenal. Europe League on the 5th of October. They speak English really well. I think that the people the friendliness and how everybody is just always having a smile for you.
The staff, the students, the teachers that’s very kind. Azerbaijani Studies. I don’t know why I took this subject but now I know a lot of things
about Azerbaijan. Even if it asked a lot of work for the students it’s really
interesting. Dede Gorgud. The atmosphere and environment. I really liked ADA because it’s very international and
very welcoming. To feel safe. You can leave your things and you won’t worry about anything. The campus is close. I like how close the buildings in the campus are. The community here. Everyone’s very welcoming and especially like with all the international students. It makes it really nice to have that base where everyone’s really excited to have you there. No, I didn’t face any cultural shock, no. Alcohol, the
consumption of alcohol. Immediately, it started from airport. The cab driver take our
luggages and put it into his cap, started to drive like 160 km/h. So, yeah, it was a
different experience and my door wasn’t closed so, in the middle of a driveway I
had to a little bit open it and shut it down. It was at the airport. It was the
language when I had some trouble at the beginning because I didn’t speak any
words in Russian or in Azeri. On the ride, I was like what can I do, how can I get
to my home. But it was.. I found a solution. They don’t, they don’t stand in line, they don’t wait for each other. First culture shock was definitely
the food because I don’t eat lamb and everything here, at the beginning, taste
like lamb it was just the smell of lamb everywhere.
That was very shocking for me. There’re usually not that many cultural shocks
aside from just people really wanting to engage with you and know where you’re
from and just be able to kind of relate to you. My country is more western and trying to
integrate in Europe and you are trying to keep your local perspective. You are
not trying to reach what others expect on you. You are trying to be traditional. As an Italian I don’t think it’s that different, to be honest. I think we have a
lot in common. Maybe Azerbaijan is a bit more
conservative, socially, but other than that I felt pretty same. In Korea, there
people are really stressed. They are not really friendly to each other like
compared to Azerbaijan. The food, people overall. We go more to parties. We are less traditional than you, which is a good thing for you by the way. In terms of cultures, I’d say somehow similar because of the Islam. But traditions
may be different little bit. Not that many differences. In a sense, it is just the people. I think that like the people is what makes it different. Just the culture but
in the same sense we’re all the same people. It differs a lot. We are Latin. We are very loud people. Here people is a little bit
more calm than Colombians but the rest of the things are actually a little
similar because people is here also as kind of the people in Colombia but
definitely we are more loud and exotic. Of course. Of course. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely, I’ll miss Azerbaijan. Yeah, I bet. Yeah, I will miss this country . Because it
had a huge impact on me It is my first exchange experience. I met a lot of
incredible people, including locals and internationals and I will miss the whole architecture of Azerbaijan. I will miss the people, that everything
is very safe here, very easy to get very easy to move around. Bogotá city is
very big. Sometimes it’s very messy but here things are very well organized. First because ADA schedule is the best comparing to my university. I didn’t see
everything in Azerbaijan, I think, I’ll come back because I wanted to do
ski in Quba, go to Lankaran. I made some friends, good friends, and of course, I
will miss them. I will miss Azerbaijan because of the warm atmosphere. The people are
really friendly to me. Azerbaijan is worth visiting. At least, once in your
life and it was a great experience. Actually, I have a youtube channel. I put
some videos about Azerbaijan and I will be I like singing songs. I will be
uploading some Azerbaijan covers too. Azerbaijani song covers too. I think, you should totally come to Azerbaijan to study It’s a wonderful place. Don’t have
stereotypes. Azerbaijan is not like Iran or Iraq. It’s really safe
country. Thank you for being friendly towards internationals, and welcoming us and excepting us.