oh it was foretold that one day a true warrior wearing a mask would come back and rise again it was said that he would bring back the legendary 1000° knowing life videos he would remove the sacred knife from the buta it was foretold that he would bring joy and happiness to all the viewers across I am Yahweh it mate it’s our game and we thought was another night video it ain’t no dark night we back here and we do we doing another dang nice video so guys be sure to spell I run down below that’s so for 5,000 like and you’ve got to truly savage I mean all I’m six I got a bit of a fever and tired haven’t slept in a few days like I’m my friend here mister restful yeah there we go boys now I’m ready yo guys we’re back and we have another episode of the 1000 degree night video we’re bringing it back baby from the dead I have come I have risen and grabbed a 1000 degree knife out of the sacred Buddha I don’t know but we are back and we’ve got some awesome stuff today and on top of that we are going to be lighting 1000 scars guys we have a bunch of sparklers ms:i y’all let’s just put them all together let’s make a betta sparklers cover this whole thing in sparklers let’s do what happens when we put a thousand degree knife on it but before we do that guys we have to do stuff that I think we need to cut into was that mr. Ricky you’re hungry I got some original Pringles that’s right we’ve got the next level original Brady and we’re going to be cutting this thing in half oh yeah we got it boys oh my god oh my god y’all mr. big you get in their place don’t get it I beg you ya know get me some goat cheese with a brick you didn’t actually eat anybody you just you just sat on them when you’re really hungry and you need those chips fast call follow that got it welcome exactly Oh it’s like burnt night all right I know what you guys are asking but poverty what if you cut a chip in half with a thousand degree nightfly don’t know so we gonna try it would you like a sprinkle of 1,000 degrees on the cheek and that’s where you right here sir there you go now tell me one mr. Peggy tell me one Oh God Oh all right y’all next up we got ourselves the carrot and you guys know Papa take it’s very sad but slowly to character I like it but and yo dude what are you doing we have to cut that man damn him it’s not a carrot I’m calling these carrots my whole life oh we’ve got not a Karen here and we’re gonna cut it in half with a 1,000 degree knife the red pepper are you colorblind I don’t see red bro well that I read to me that’s the same color is this wait that means we could do one of those colorblind videos to get like millions of views Jesus Christ the whole world’s upside down boy it’s not click payments to say yeah seriously colorblind I know here we go boys break down the carrot oh yeah oh my god oh my god oh my god yeah we just cut right now boys mouth so good oh my god it was amazing dog you don’t even need to cook it you cut it like this BAM you’ve got roasted carrots for dinner would you like to try some of Papa Jake’s roasted carrots Wow there you go dinner’s served never say Papa Jake don’t feed his kids because I got you some roasted carrots right here there you go you know lots to go around for everyone and if you want it a little bit more sizzling just give it an extra cookery knows on the knife here there we go look at that you’ve been watching cooking with Papa J Hoffa Jake only makes the bet let’s just do a real-life 1000 degree fruit ninja right now I always do this thousand degree knife or you’re gonna get it no I’m like 90% sure I got this give her a stone and I got this bro hold him you deny everything give it to me dumb yo ya did it I did it bro you yo we didn’t talk like that singing hot dog you’re unbelievable that will make some nice fresh carrot now if you get on the ground here the earth on the ground is really going to add to the taste it’s gonna make it taste like dirt no boys are next up we got some more of our fan favorites we thought this is a bit of a soul back episode we get some of them taps out if you guys have never played with these before these are straight savage started sammich I said that’s right mother fuckin thousands gonna be nice to the cat you gotta treat the cat with respect yeah yeah okay oh that’s what the cab is it’s trite Savage Papa Jake’s got a new rap album coming out yeah it’s gonna make sure you know how I’d like to go fishing and catch some trout y’all boys if you want pop a drink yo ha ha if you want Papa Jake to drop a dirty diss track you let me know really 10,000 lights I swear to God I will drop the dirtiest in fact you have ever heard guaranteed 100% boys just back now like one tell your friends tell your mom tell you grandma so I know she wants it your dirty diss track Oh oh my god oh oh oh we’re getting out one everyone okay we all go see a lot of people say don’t breathe this I’ve got a cool so I can’t breathe that in it alright y’all for the next thing we’re going to cut with a thousand degree night we had a styrofoam head well we talked to YouTube and they said that they do monetize this video because it’s too realistic so we alternate around now it’s just a sphere now it’s just a Styrofoam sphere not a head that’s not advertising friendly right oh yeah let’s do this maybe so I’d like to introduce you to Timmy down there he’s uh you know he’s one of our viewers that watches our videos but he doesn’t hit that like button he ain’t savage he forgot to subscribe I hate to say it but he also forgot to join the hashtag notifications month it doesn’t even share the videos so don’t be like Timmy make sure you hit that subscribe button make sure you hit that note of the game twelve letters for God’s sake like you share the video you go end up like Timmy you know what happens to keep me walking but I’m about to show you what happens to dim it you are oh my god new rule if you don’t like the video this is exactly what I’m going to do to you sorry saboteur I’d I’d like to apologize on behalf of YouTube they let me know that I should inform everyone that this is not in fact what I would do to a viewer that didn’t like the video so please please please don’t flag my video you could you know it’s just I just so nice to be outside once in a while you hear the birds the trees so peaceful so quiet like Papa Jake’s habitat I love how we go life is not low in your mouth pain from Holland oh that yeah you don’t like the park we’re going through you know you’ll place your best in the comments and so part we’re gonna go over up keeps mouth I don’t know yo burning a ruling of Mashable to be dude oh my god yo that is so poor nothing comes gonna happen guys that is actually so good yeah look how big it is bro you’ll come to the back you want to feel the backside to go check out yo your computer comes here comes oh oh you on fire oh yeah I did like yelling out fires II don’t know what to do keep burning up the wooden money more 100 you repeat is not okay bro I don’t know yo he’s dead he’s daddy dad I know I killed him there’s a bridge but that doesn’t mean it’s not sad don’t really know how that happened it was so so quick it was so cool Oh all right yeah well even though Pete said yeah you’ll always be with us because I can’t exactly pry them off the table he’ll always be here with us but I think what people would want is for us to move on and go to the next object which is gonna be a classic the ping pong ball all right here we go guys I would do one one squish it and one where I cut it because they’re both really cool oh it is just our training to slow dog oh you’re that’s so satisfying you never get over outside flying that is guys straight down the middle straight in half what we just want you to sides I let the ball in okay I’ll fire like that alright guys this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for we are now going to lay 1,000 partners on fire without the example it’s late I hear they’re double triple quadruple stack and we’re going to put our knife across here I don’t know what’s get out but regardless we’re going to light these babies on fire I open that with the night going across all those little ones it’s going to be epic hi here we go boys let’s do this oh wow yo yo yo oh my god oh my god bro yo – rhetorical thing guys with no pride by my god oh my god that’s right Rob you didn’t oh my god oh my god bro that can’t be proven I forgot all of them with them all of you guys in fact I was crazy and I’m safe we go that’s it we should go bigger because you guys think we should do 10,000 exact into a massive block of sparklers that will be brighter than the Sun I want you guys in class on my clinic we can get tense know if we can get 15,000 like we will do is guaranteed to smash that like button down below let’s do this I’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video