(burning sounds) orbeez ball is gonna pop Orbeez ball is gonna POP! (am i the only one feeling satisfied?) hello there so you’ ve probably seen this video of 1,000 degree knife cutting through really satisfying things its been all over the internet recently and you just cant stop watching i dont know why You just can’t stop watching. I don’t know why? thumbs up if you find yourself loving the sizzle and how smoothly it cuts through its addicting and hella satisfying to watch i know pretty weird but, thums up if thats you if your weird, hey give this video a thumbs up weird people rule the world all credit to watchhimout who’s been doing this for months and Mistergear who’s first video i ever saw today we are cutting through some of the most popular, viral, and satisfying DIY’s of 2016 and ever on YouTube i probably shouldn’t be waving this double the satisfaction were doing orbeez stress ball, slime, floam ( I thought it was foam) noise puddy cloudy soap, kinetic sand and more a thousand degree knife, cutting viral DIY’s here we go alright guys so my dad is heating the knife up because i-i-i am nowhere shape or form certified to do this so-so make sure you dont do this! This is so scary (she gets in love with the satisfaction x3 πŸ™‚ Oh (they laugh) (and again) ohohoh my god OH MY GOD! (burning sounds) Oh my god! oh my god (gawd) (some more burning sounds) oh this was so pretty, it went away so fast! i feel like a badass I feel like a badass alright, next orbeez ball is gonna pop oh my god they’re crying oh my god they’re crying This feels like murdering babies (you can hear them pleading for mercy as they die) Slime time! its farting its just farting This one’s just sad i’m making a tortilla (how coincidental… im mexican) this was not, anticlimactic i dont like this one (Really? A cross?) The sizzle ugh, smells… really bad smell it (NO!) hahahahah are you kidding me? Im your cameraman treat me right HILLA oh god smells like burning hair Hello Neighbors (TM) Kinetic sand I feel like the guy from braking bad Perfect slices (Oh, i have all my fingers, the knife goes chop, chop, chop) no sizzle, oh a little bit of burn yeah i burn my hand, this is f*cking (phucking) hot! (I didn’t bleep that she did) Next thing is soap after being in a microwave after nine seconds cloudy soap (Are You There God? Its Me Margaret) its soap soap is honestly dirty! Uh, that smell like shit Don’t breathe this thing guys This is toxic (Im not writing his words cuz its already there) its watering all kinds of colors its like a massacr- Oh alright you know what for this one were gonna switch knives were gonna make this more intense because were hispanic were taking out the machete (Did you say that because i said i was mexican?) (NO) grab it, like hard, like hit it (god damn, she is bad and boujee!) (farts are being made) for this one were doing two at once, were doing playdo and slime stress ball (I thought she meant two knives… ah, you have beat me once young lady…) thats it so these have been the most popular DIY’s against the 100 degree knife (I thought it was 1,000 once again you beat me) *okay lady, i dont feel like typing anymore so im’a leave you here, my channe is hermez flores… Bye guys* *Bye* *Bye guys* *see you later* *Love you* *wanna go out some time* *You viewers comment i love you* *ok bye now