The Science Dean’s Winter Reception is all about making connection to our alumni community. To show them all the wonderful research that we’re doing across the Faculty, and to inspire them again to make connection with us, because that lifelong connection is very important to us. A night like tonight can help alumni reach out to people in very different areas of science, people with different experiences. All of these networking events are invaluable, and they can keep in touch with what’s happening at the University of Melbourne. I think the highlight was actually meeting the other Faculty alumni, seeing what everyone else has sort of been up to. I saw a few familiar faces, a few old lecturers, a few classmates, and being able to rekindle those relationships. Tonight we’re showcasing two particular initiatives in the Faculty. One is a research initiative – the BioInspiration Hallmark Research Initiative – which is all about taking inspiration from nature and applying it to a whole host of disciplines. And the other is to make connection to the current new exhibition of Science Gallery Melbourne, which is called Disposable. I come to today’s event to give my daughter an insight into BioInspiration. I was really excited about it because I have a big passion for maths and science. I liked how they found a lot of innovative solutions to help global problems, and that was really cool. A bioinspired approach can help us address some of the major challenges that face humanity today, and we very much hope that you will engage with us on this journey. You come here and you can realise these people are doing these incredible things, this out-of-the-box thinking, which is what we really need at the moment, and it’s really pushing forward, so I think it’s a place that I come – and I’ve come today – and felt very uplifted by what we’re doing, definitely. I’ll definitely be coming back, and I encourage anybody else who even thought about it to give it a crack, because it’s amazing who you’ll meet and amazing what you’ll learn.