(bright music) – I chose Stern because
of this program, it’s really one of a kind,
and because I already did a career transition
before business school, I knew I wanted to
focus on e-commerce. And this fashion luxury program just really fit all my needs. – My top reasons for choosing
Stern were definitely to be in New York City and
to access all the cool things that NYU and New York
City bring together. – Mine’s similar. So the top reasons
for choosing Stern is being in New York City and just access to the
network of NYU Stern. – I chose Stern because I
had already gotten a graduate degree and I only wanted to
go to school for one year. I didn’t wanna leave the
industry for another two years and so this
program was great. – The fashion industry moves
very fast, very quickly and I think being away from work for only one year
is very beneficial. – I chose the one year
fashion luxury MBA program as opposed to the
traditional two year program because I knew exactly what
I wanted to do is to pivot from finance to marketing
brand management within beauty and I felt that I,
if given one year, given the experiential
learning classes, given the network of
students and alumni and given support from school,
I can do that at Stern. – Biggest benefit of having
the fashion luxury program in New York City is the fact
that it’s in New York City. Without a doubt, obviously,
you know, the fashion and luxury industry is, you
know, wholly based here. – Being in New York is amazing. Just this morning I met with
someone for coffee that works at a startup that
I’m interested in. Just being in proximity
of all these companies and at the center
of this industry has been really, really helpful. – New York is the center
and the hub of retail. The North America
headquarters of all these big
conglomerates are here. – I know wholeheartedly
that this program really can’t exist anywhere
else in the world because New York is
the fashion capital. – It’s really important
to, for us, anyone who’s interested in retail to
be where everything happens. – Pretty much every single brand
that we talk about in class or, you know, even
every job I apply to, has some kind of office
here which has been amazing. The diverse experience
we’ve been able to get because we’re in New York has
been, I think, one of a kind. I don’t really think
you’d get anywhere. The connections
are all around us and it’s because we’re
in New York City. – I think there’s no other
place to do a fashion luxury MBA besides New York, it’s
the hub of everything. It’s where the alumni
network is super strong. I’ve reached out to six
people in the industry, they immediately got back
to me. Every company I wanna talk to is in New York. It’s yeah, it has
to be in New York. – I think the biggest benefit
for me has been the ability to focus on what
I really wanna do. This program has, it
is stated in the name, it’s a focused fashion
luxury program. – I think that it’s really
unique to be able to be part of a cohort of people that
have similar interests and passions and want
to take those passions to the next level and
really use those skills in the business world. – So I came in knowing one
or two people in the city and now I feel like I
have an alumni network, a friend network,
a business network and it’s all been through Stern. – And there’s so much
inspiration from New York City that students should be able
to kind of draw inspiration upon and learn from. The art scene, the music scene,
the alumni who’re so willing to help us and have
coffee chats with and share their
insights with us. I think that New York
City is the perfect place for anybody who’s
interested in retail and want to be part of the
ever-changing landscape. (hopeful music)