My name is Peter Tatenda Muzarakuza. I’m from Zimbabwe and I’m serving in Zambia. I wanted to be a doctor. Probably because I had always seen doctors helping people become better. I tried until the numbers and the math became a little too much for me then I
decided, well I might just settle for the people. All my endeavors now have
been focusing on making people better. My placement site is Kitwe. Most of the work that we do in
Zambia relates to making sure or fostering good health resources, good
health practices for women and children within these communities. A woman was HIV
positive and it meant that also her baby would have HIV/AIDS. That is if she had
not had access to HIV medication and prevention of mother-to-child
transmission of HIV/AIDS medication. But because of Bwafwano Care Providers, she
has had access to that medicine. That means for her, number one,
she can look after herself. And number two her child can have a future. An HIV free future.
And that is very important. The work is definitely difficult. It is. Sometimes you cannot solve
everything at one go. You might be able to provide HIV medication
at a point in time but that does not mean you’ve given the person a
sustainable income source. So there is a whole lot of issues that are really related
to the person’s well-being. And it’s really difficult. But at the end of the day–what is
important is– we have to do the little that we can. The mining society has a lot of
challenges in terms of health.