My mom used to play guitar and then at some
point she stopped and then I took over. This is where I cook up a lot of my musical
ideas. So I have keyboards, samplers, CDJs. My name is Bill Sellanga, also known as Blinky
Bill. I’m a musician, producer and DJ from Nairobi,
Kenya. I collect a lot of sound. Anything that I can use to make sound, I’ll
probably collect it and just try to figure out how to either conventionally use it or unconventionally. Sometimes I feel like I’m navigating a path
that not many people have passed through. We are at the most interesting phase of any arts scene, to be honest, in Africa. If you’re looking at Africa, you take a look
at Nairobi. We are just discovering ourselves and figuring
out how to express ourselves in a way that makes sense to us. I am working on my album I’m really excited
about it. It’s going to be my first solo project. “Make some noise for Blinky Bill!” So, what’s inspiring my new album? Mostly life, having that understanding that
no one truly has the answers but that’s not necessarily a bad thing because the journey is as interesting as the destination.