I would like to talk about my
time in narcotics anonymous, NA. When I first came into a meeting I thought it was
going to be properly therapeutic, people were reading cards and it seemed
like they all knew each other from way back when but when I was told to come
to meetings you will be welcome so I did and today
as I write this I can’t believe how different I feel. It’s like learning who
I am all over again and maybe in time I might like her. I haven’t been coming to
meetings that long but they have kept me clean, not that there hasn’t been a few
close calls when I wanted to use but when I asked for help it was given with
sincerity and honesty. The people in these rooms have helped me so much, they
didn’t want to know who I was or what I’d done. When I reached out for help
there was always someone to give me a hug. One time I was about to use and I
turned around and a NA member was standing in front of me, gave me a hug
and said ‘are you coming to the meeting?’ The simple honest action saved me from
going back to my old ways of thinking now this person being in the right place
at the right time may seem like coincidence
but the person lived ten miles away. I would never go there normally. For me
this was my higher power helping me. The people I have met in NA have even
helped me to put a roof over my head and they have even fed me when I was hungry. It brings tears to my eyes as I write this. I was listening to a share
and the person spoke of doing step work and how and when they read the questions
they used I then realised in NA it’s we. We can’t win this battle on our own,
I have been reading the traditions of narcotics anonymous and though it may
seem obvious personal recovery depends on NA unity. What we have in these
rooms is unity and because all the things in life we have been through we
can all relate to each other and these are the ties that bind us
together so all will be well