– Kinda started out with me having a little trouble
with money management ’cause I was spending money
willy-nilly, left and right, and I found out that I was struggling and didn’t have enough money to get by. So, one day I decided to
go to Counseling Services and one of the counselors, she recommended Diane Drew to me. She and I afterwards
came up with a plan about not only credit monitoring, cause I wanted to learn more about what credit is and how to build it, but also she kinda gave me some advice on how to balance my
budget and kind of save for those important emergency
funds that everybody needs in case something bad or
tragic happens in life. Things have been going
good with my budget saving. I’ve been applying that nicely. And I’ve also been a
little bit more careful in where and how I spend my money. It really helped me
with trying to make sure that I didn’t spend my money in places where I shouldn’t be spending it and focus more on spending my money in places where I really
should be spending it. I would’ve been broke and I would’ve been struggling, trying to search my
couch cushions for even every little penny that I could find.