If you’re hoping to get any kind of financial
aid for business school, it’s time to start thinking about your FAFSA, or Free Application
for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA filing period begins on January 1, and the sooner
you submit your application, the better off you’ll be. Whether you want to get scholarships,
grants, or loans, completing the FAFSA is the first step. The application gathers all
the information financial aid offices need to determine the amount of financial support
you’ll be eligible for. Many b-schools use FAFSA as the first step
in determining need-based assistance, whether you’re seeking government funding, a tuition
waiver, or other school-sponsored award. Always check with each school you’re applying
to for that school’s specific requirements. And getting your application in early is important,
because a lot of schools distribute need-based financial aid on a first-come, first-served
basis. That means that early applicants may have a better chance of getting more assistance,
and later applicants may not get all they need if the school runs out of funds.
Even though FAFSA asks you to complete information from this year’s tax return, don’t wait until
you’ve filed your taxes to submit your application. Just use reasonable estimates. You can update
the information once you file your taxes – even after you’ve submitted your FAFSA.
So how do you get started on your FAFSA? You can submit your application either online
or in print. If you’d rather fill out the printed form, you should be able to get one
from your school’s financial aid office. To complete your application online, visit the
official FAFSA website. This website can also answer many questions you might have while
filling out your application. Make sure you go to this official site. Some other sites
may try to charge you to apply for financial aid or find scholarships. The FAFSA is free,
so don’t let yourself get fooled. So get busy on your FAFSA today. With the
rising costs of business school, make sure you give yourself the best possible chance
for all the financial aid you deserve. Whether you need assistance securing financial aid
or you’re just getting started with your applications, we’re here to help. Call us
at 1.800.809.0800 to learn more about how AdmissionsConsultants can help you maximize
your admissions chances.