I’ve always been fascinated by history,
and there’s no better place to study history than in Rome. So much of what we do is influenced by our past and I believe it is essential to understand the past in order to make a better future. I’ve always wanted to study in a different country, every day is a new experience. It never gets too challenging with the strong sense of support
from my friends and professors. They have given me the confidence that I needed
to start my own business, right here on campus. When I was little I wanted to be an actor. As I grew up though, I realized how a lot of the magic happens behind the scenes. (Cut) (This time with more enthusiasm and a smile on your face. Let’s try it again.) I’m studying English literature here at JCU,
since I’ve always dreamed of being a college professor. I just want people to see the potential they truly have and to help them reach that potential. My public speaking courses have taught me how to speak in front of groups
in a language different than my own. With such a diverse group of people in my international affairs classes I become more aware of the effects my words may have
on the other members of our community. Having classmates from all over the world gives you
a wide variety of viewpoints on each topic. This kind of interaction is so important for us as future policymakers. I’m a very family-oriented person, and I’ve discovered
that the JCU community is really like a big family. I’ve met so many people that share the same interests as me,
like my love for exploring and an active lifestyle. Rome is an amazing city and the people I’ve met here have really made it feel like home.