I’m the first one in my family to come to uni my mum didn’t even make it to year 12 so even just finishing high school was a big thing they’re proud of me no matter what my name is Matilda D’Antoine and I’m studying a Bachelor of Psychological Science at
the University of Adelaide I actually first enrolled at CASM to study music I had a passion for music and I thought that would be a good course to do and now I’m doing psychology with a lot of mental health issues at home in Mildura I just thought well why not become a psychologist when I finish studying psychology I want to go back to my community to practice psychology and to help my community I think I’ve learned a lot of skills problem-solving, time management, just even confidence from going from living at home to being my own person and figuring out who I am in the world Wiltu Yarlu and at CASM, they motivated me and they were there for me when I needed help from being able to get tutors, to be able to have a counselling service if you’re stressed or having issues in your life I think there was that fear of coming but the same time there’s a fear of not doing anything and being no one you can stay in this one spot where you just like, uncertain of things or you can go out and actually do something