First week, and it’s pretty interesting. It’s really hot out here, but almost everywhere has
AC so that was pretty cool. The classrooms, it wasn’t anything new, it was kind of like MSU. So, a lot of us we wanna
go to different beaches because it shows that
there’s different ones, with like black sand and
all that, so we wanna go experience, I guess, the black beach. We wanna go to the city, just see how their city compares to the types of cities that we’re used to. It’s a lot of hills, so in the
US you’re used to flat lands, you don’t have to force yourself to walk up the stairs or something. Here, you’re constantly walking up hills. A lot of the guys are shocked
how they get 10,000 steps halfway through the day, compared to when they’re back home, they’ll only get like
2,000 steps the whole day. If you get the chance or
if you have the opportunity to come study abroad, I
feel like you should do it because it just opens the way you think, it just brightens the views you have, and it just makes you view
the world in a different way than what you’re used to.