(upbeat music) – I’m a second year masters student and graduate teaching assistant in the department of languages and literature’s here at NC State. I work on 19th century
French culture and thought. I’m interested in literature,
it was my first love. But right now I’m working specifically on representations of female madness and sexuality and crossing
that with fashion. – Right now I’m involved in research that’s trying to measure the
effect of student motivation on the way that students acquire Spanish. In particular I’m working with how students acquire the
phonetic system of Spanish. – One of the big things that makes our program stand out from others is the involvement with students with faculty right from day one. So we have really top notch
world class faculty here, these are the faculty that are writing the articles and book chapters that are in your textbooks
you’re reading about while you’re in graduate school. – The professors are very
available they’re very accessible. Being a teaching assistant obviously means that we get to work quite
intimately with them. (speaking in another language) So that sort of builds
a good solid rapport that is just really amazing. – Teaching is something that I enjoy and that I want to do. Having the opportunity to
teach has been really amazing. (man teaching) And since one of my research fields is second language acquisition, it’s given me a chance
to get hands on with them and I’m able to use new techniques and new methodologies to make my students be as successful as they can. – There’s a T.A. program and I think that that’s structured really effectively. So, it’s a two year program so in your first semester you’re more of a classroom assistant and
we’re mostly helping out, helping students, grading tests. And then the second semester
we’re micro-teaching, so bit by bit we’re starting to get the experience of lesson planning
and classroom management. And then by the time we
reach our second year, we’re ready to teach our own classes. (speaking another language) – We also offer most of our graduate seminars in the evening. This enables inservice teachers
or other working adults to come back and take classes and have an outstanding
graduate experience on a schedule that works for them. Another thing that makes
our program stand out is it’s flexibility. We only have a couple
of required core courses in the program and then students work with their advisor to
put together a program that’s really gonna help to get them to where they want to go. So we have students that take classes all across campus from English linguistics to history to world literature. And then integrate all those areas and synthesize them into
their final graduate research. (upbeat music)