Meet the Steppin’ Grannies—a group of
seniors who likes to stay active. I never thought I’d be part of a dance team. You would be surprised at the things that
you can do if you really want to do ‘em. That “can do” spirit is a big part of
the Best Years Club at Fellowship Corner. There’s weekly Bible Study to feed the soul. I enjoy the ministry of teaching here. Low-impact workouts that promote stretching and flexibility. Stretch, up to the ceiling! And games of skill to sharpen the mind. We have games that we play, and I enjoy winning. (laughs) Fellowship Corner seniors also enjoy giving back. Their Angelic Voices singing group performs at local nursing homes. They bless us because they’re so glad to
see us, and they’re so appreciative. And time for sharing a healthy lunch with
friends. It’s no wonder these seniors love to connect, create and contribute. You know I just enjoy the whole thing, being here. And I miss it when I can’t come. Check out all the Fellowship Corner senior
activities online or by phone.