England was not what I expected it was very green and beautiful but the first day
was really scary I felt really embarrassed not being able
to communicate with people Over the seven years I’ve been in England, Study Group nurtured and supported me from my foundation course all the way down to
Sussex where I now live and work It taught me to embrace my strengths and
weaknesses it was the little improvements that would bring me success. Before I
came to England I hardly travelled outside Asia now I’ve
been to 13 different countries in Europe I started to achieve things I never
thought I could do The more I traveled the more I step
outside my comfort zone I’m actually braver and more spontaneous than I
thought so much has changed I recently got married and I work for a creative
agency. It’s the creative job I always wanted When I think back to that time
when I was at the airport with my little sister it was so difficult waving
goodbye to my family and friends but now I can see it was all worth it. I believe
your destiny is determined by the choices you make choose now choose well
so I did you