[Music] The MBA Program from Binghamton University is very highly regarded. It prepares me by giving me a comprehensive view of the business world. The thing they’re most concerned with is your ability to think like a manager. It not only adds to your knowledge, but it also adds to your character. I knew that it would give me the skills that I need to work in any kind of sector. This will enable them to launch into a career. And, if you want to challenge yourself, then this is the program for you. You can’t beat the value here, at BInghamton University. It’s difficult, if not impossible to match this, in terms of the quality and value we provide to the students. We have students who are resolute about what they do in life. You can go in any direction with the skills you learn. And, what they’ll do in their career. It gives us such a broad-skill of knowledge base. It expands your vision. I can really apply it anywhere.