osephyne Oliveri: Well I realised really early
on that I was good at being an educator and then I got this job at Sydney TAFE and I found
that there was so much that I could impart with the students and so much that I could
get from them, and it was about forming a relationship. When you do make that connection and when
a student does succeed, it’s unbelievable, and it’s something that all the teachers share
together. We always talk about these success stories and how are students going and it
just keeps us going. Studying the HSC at Sydney TAFE has many advantages.
It’s flexible delivery, so you can do the HSC between… from one year, or you can do
it in five years. You have support throughout that time, you can do a vocational course
as well as do your HSC and gain your ATAR. You can use it as a pathway to further study,
such as university. We love seeing our students succeed. Many
of them go on to university or do really well in their chosen vocation. There are many success