(upbeat music) – When students come in, they think geography is the topic. By the time they come out, they realise that geography is a lens through which you can
look at almost any topic. – The Geography degree
for me is the only one that really talks about
contemporary issues that are happening right now so everything you study is related to something
that you’ve seen in the news or something that you’ve heard about and it gives you a completely
different perspective on the way that you look at it. – I chose Geography because I’m really interested
in the humanities side and also the more scientific side and how they cross over. – One of the great things
about the course in Cambridge is that it’s cumulative. I’m partly studying unequal geographies and I get to learn about inequality. And in my second year, I also get to learn about
development studies. Both of these topics are so important in the world right now and they both link in so perfectly. – We’re really lucky to
have really great facilities within the department. I think the main thing is our library which is really well stocked. – We’ve got dendrochronology laboratory where our students do tree ring analysis. We’ve got sediment laboratories where students can analyse
different types of materials they collected themselves
during the field. And we’ve also got a store of field kit where they can take out drones or other equipment into the fields and carry out their own field research. – So a typical week for me
studying Geography at Cambridge will include six to eight lectures. – I really enjoy supervisions and I do like the fact that I’m actually able
to speak with academics in the forefront of their research because not a lot of people
get that opportunity. Geography is not all about
sitting in the lecture room. – Last term, we went out to the Brecklands and had an amazing day out
in the sun and the wind, measuring vegetation. – By far in a way, my favourite experience was the second year fieldwork project where all of the second years go out on different fieldwork for about a week. I went to Morocco to do work on development in rural communities, and it’s a great way to meet
loads of other geographers from your year who you might not have met, and really bond and get to
know the lecturers as well in a completely different setting, and learn a lot as well. – The students of Geography
are really in a unique position because they study both the
scientific side of Geography so they’re learning analytical
skills, fieldwork skills, teamwork skills, numerical skills, but also from the more social
science side and humanities, they’re becoming very literate. They communicate incredibly well. – In my spare time, I’m
the Speakers Officer for our student-run Geography Society. – I spend a lot of time playing sports. I love being outside. – And I do a lot of
musical theatre as well. (upbeat music) – Our graduates go into a
series of different occupations, some of which you might
think of ahead of time as being kind of a natural
place for geographers, but other ones you
wouldn’t even think about. – At Cambridge, Geography is so great because I get to learn so many skills that applicable for a variety
of career sectors. And I know Cambridge geographers who went onto consulting, who went onto banking, who went into climate policy. There’s so many options. The opportunities are endless. – And that’s because employers
really value the fact that our students are trained to challenge and to make good arguments, but also they’re literate,
and they’re numerate. It’s a wonderful combination. – At the moment, I’m thinking
about governmental work, perhaps in diplomacy, but I’m also really interested
in non-governmental work, working with charities and NGOs. Lots of the topics I’ve
been studying in Geography have got me thinking about things like unequal geography,
sustainable development, and climate change. – After I graduate, I’m
hoping to do a Master’s Degree just to extend what I’ve
already been learning really in social policy and inequality. And then after that, I’d love to work for the
government in social policy. It’s a really friendly department. It’s a really interesting subject and you don’t need to have really thought about Geography in the past. I certainly hadn’t. It’s more about a way of
thinking about the world than about what you have specifically done so anyone can do it and it’s a brilliant subject. You’ll love it.