[Music] We are at Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital is one of the biggest in the United States. We see a diverse group of patients and that gives us an opportunity to see multiple, diverse pathologies here. That helps us develop our career and that also helps with our practice of medicine, which I think you don’t get much opportunity to see elsewhere. The great thing about our fellowship training is that not only do they provide a strong clinical focus, but it’s also in a wide variety of settings. We go not only in the hospital, but we go to outpatient primary care clinics, we go to home-based primary care. So we actually see our patients in their homes and have a better idea of the big picture. [Music] We’re basically like a small family. The faculty and the staff are very caring and really loving, and not only their goal is for us to get the training but also they’re very supportive outside of work. Our attendings are really close to us. They provide guidance every step of the fellowship. It’s like a small family. They are accessible. Everybody helps you with all your goals. Every member of our faculty is approachable. Our program is unique because we harness all the resources and the great minds that Washington University has to offer to make this a really strong academic experience. And yet we’re small and we closely educate, supervise and provide feedback to our fellows. We all get to know each other. We socialize, we support each other and it’s a really positive experience. I feel I’m very lucky to be part of the geriatrics program at Washington University because this program has given me all the opportunities which one could hope for professional and career growth.