It’s a job that I can wake up to and
be excited to go to. So coming to work here and getting to actually work
in an office inside of an old school, that has such a nice history of contemporary arts,
is really exciting for me. Since a few years we have actually a program called the VW Fellowship at MoMA PS1 which is part of our greater education program. But specifically here we’re really proud of being able to give young
people the possibility to learn about art. But not only learn about art – Because at MoMA PS1
it’s a great experience for them, because they can work and live
with artists, with curators. It’s a very small family here,
where everybody works very closely together. What’s important to me, always,
in terms of being a part of the art world, is that we make sure that it’s available to everyone. And anyone can come in here and have a great time.
There is something for everyone here, always. I think that’s really special. And I think that VW has that
same goal is really important. Together we’re allowing a lot of people to experience
something that they’ve never experienced before. Volkswagen has done fantastic things for MoMA PS1 and has been, you know, a definite presence
in the institution ever since I’ve been here. I think it’s fantastic that Volkswagen is
offering these fellowships. It creates an environment for someone like me to immerse themselves in and bring their own skills,
interests and studies to the table. So my daily business here is to help plan and organize all of the different events, that we have here. Part of my job in the Volkswagen Digital Media
Fellowship is helping with social media. I edit together short videos that
go on Facebook and Instagram. I really see the Fellowship
as a sort of the catalyst, the jumping-off point for
the rest of my career. I was very lucky to be hired full-time
after the end of the fellowship. I think it’s very important that they do that themselves
and explore different opportunities, and really find out where they really wanna go. Where they feel like their personality is placed the right away. Where they can establish themselves in a
meaningful way for themselves.