hey guys welcome back please excuse my
makeup I ran out my favorite concealer and now it’s like too pale for me so
it’s a mess but I can’t do anything about it
until the new one comes so I’m sorry about that
anyway today I want to do a video basically answering like University
questions I thought be really fun so it’ll be like a get to know me tag but a
university sort of based one so first question I’ll start off with is what uni do you go to so I go to Queen Mary University of
London so I’ve made quite a few videos about this already and I will link them
down below so yeah I go to Queen Mary University question 2 was this your
first choice no actually my first choice was City University which is also in
London and they rejected me so whatever well I’m kind of glad that they did
because I don’t want to go anyway and I really like Queen Mary so everything
works out in the end so question 3 what is your major so my major is mathematics
I know it’s crazy question 4 what is your minor so I’m actually doing joint
honours so I do have a minor and that is actuarial science so my whole degree is
mathematics with actuarial science question 5 what year are you in
so I’m in third year it’s nearly come to an end it’s very sad although I will be
glad I won’t have to be revising and studying and living some crazy timetable
anymore but it will be really sad when I leave I won’t see my friends every
day in the same way so what has been your favorite subject so far so I took a
module called principles of Management Studies and skills last year and that
was actually really interesting then last year I also did statistics for
insurance that was really really really hard but it was really interesting as
well so it’s quite good and then this year I took well I didn’t take it it was compulsory survival models and that was really
interesting as well although the exam was a little bit trash what can I say
but yeah so they’re my favorite modules so far what has your least favorite
subject been this is so easy many of them introduction to statistics applied
linear algebra geometry one calculus two yeah basically anything that’s like too
theoretical I don’t enjoy I prefer applying the maths to something
that’s real so like in survival models you’re actually like calculating the
probability of people surviving and it’s just way more interesting than writing
and regurgitating theory that you’ve read I don’t get it
but obviously it suits some people what do you wear to uni so usually something
like this is my new Jonas Brothers merch that I got on Sunday night when I
saw them at the o2 and it was amazing I actually got loads of videos that I
posted on Instagram I will leave that here and um I thought it was just so good and I
love this merch it’s so similar to the 2009 merch because I also bought like
the it was like a zip hoodie and it had like this on it as well so yeah so I wear
that basically sort of hoodies jumpers and jeans I actually did a video on a
Topshop haul that I did and you’ll see like everything that I wear to uni sort of
every day and I’ll link that down below do you live on campus or do you commute
I commute I wouldn’t want to live on campus because I don’t like the thought
of living with people I’m sorry I’m just like yeah I can’t do that you know where
you see pictures where like it was like a sink full of everyone’s pots and pans
that they’ve just left for days I would be crying so I could never live on
campus with other people but yeah so I commute every day and that’s kind
long and I don’t enjoy that either but you know compromise question ten how is this semester going so I am NOT enjoying this semester so far
I picked a module that I really hate it but I managed to change it after a long
big deal it took so long I just I can’t it’s supposed to be very easy simple
process but it wasn’t but anyway then I don’t want to call out the individual
modules especially because I’m doing them right now but I enjoy two of them
and two of them I really hate but it is what it is and they’re compulsory so I can’t
change them and I’m just gonna try my best so yeah that’s how the semesters
going so far have you ever done an all-nighter to finish coursework no I’ve
never done this I’m super organized like say I’ve got an essay due in April I’m
gonna start doing it now in February because I’m just that organized sort of
person I could never hand in something like a few minutes before the deadline
closes I find that super stressful advice for first years so be yourself because
there’s a lot of people that try to be the cleverest and try to make other
people look bad maybe not intentionally but they do um but you know just
because they sound really clever doesn’t mean they are really clever and it
doesn’t make you any less clever so just be yourself and it will work out fine
get to know people because you can make really good friends and it just makes
your university life like way more fun work hard from the beginning like make sure you’re
catching up with everything and understand everything because the things
you learn in first year you’ll probably still be using in second and third year
so it’s good that you get a good understanding of it because it will make your
second and third year a bit easier and make the most of opportunities so in first
year you can do these things with like big companies like wherever you want to
work it’s called a spring insight week I never did one because it was kind of at
revision time and I thought why would I do that when I need to be revising
but you know what it’s good to get the experience and to get the knowledge
because then when you come to do summer internships in your second year holidays
then you’ve got kind of a bit of background something to talk about
things like that question 13 are you failing any classes no that is my worst
nightmare and I try really hard not to 14 ever fallen asleep in class yeah so
we had this thing um it was like a guest lecture and I don’t know it was really
warm and it was a really long day and literally everyone fell asleep I woke up
from my nap and looked around and my main lecturer so bear in mind it was like a guest lecture, he was sat behind us the lecturer and he was asleep and
pretty much everyone in the room was asleep so it was really awkward and I just
closed my eyes again 15 most embarrassing moment so there was this
one thing before Christmas and it was a revision lecture and I came late by
accident so in this particular lecture room you can enter from the bottom or
the top so you’d go to the first floor and then from the top and it’s a little
bit more discrete because you don’t have to walk in front of everyone but it wasn’t for me so
I’m walking down the steps and I don’t know why but these steps are so loud I was wearing converse which I probably like a loud shoe anyway
and literally everyone turned around everyone in the lecture even the
lecturer stopped to see what was going on because I was that loud entering the
lecture and it was just so embarrassing I was laughing for like 10 minutes
straight so yeah you’ve got to laugh these things off it’s really funny question 16
have you joined any societies no I haven’t so I’m not the kind of person
that wants to hang around campus I kind of go in do my lecture maybe hang around
with my friends do coursework or whatever and then I go home I don’t want
to be on campus any longer than I need to be however I did wanna join so there’s like a fraternity and I did wanna join it it was
kind of like an initiation sort of thing going not like you see on movies but
like answering all these questions I kind of just never signed up and I kind
of regret that question 17 would you rather keep to yourself or go to parties I
would rather go to parties I don’t really drink because I just can’t deal
with hangovers I just don’t enjoy it and I don’t know yeah but yeah I don’t
really drink but yeah I’d much rather go to parties
and keep to myself I’m like a really sociable person so it would be hard for
me to keep to myself I like talking a lot which is why I make youtube videos
because I need someone more to talk to but yeah and then last question what
was the biggest high school to uni transition for you so basically in high
school you kind of get spoon-fed with all the knowledge that you need to know
and in uni you just don’t at all like you don’t get any handouts printed out
you don’t get like reminders of things they don’t kind of explain in the
easiest way possible you kind of have to find everything out for yourself and make
sure you keep it on top of your work because if you’re not doing it nobody
else will so yeah I think that’s like the biggest thing where you kind of got
to learn everything by yourself so in first year my working schedule wasn’t
great and then the second year was a bit better and then third year it’s much
better so you really got to keep on top of things I know I’ve said that before
but if you don’t you’re kind of not learning and your teachers not gonna
care because if you think about it you have a lecture there can be like 200
300 people in there so they’re not gonna be interested in each individual person
like it’s up to you to figure out what kind of education you want because after
all is a very expensive piece of paper saying you’ve got a degree so yeah you
got do all the work by yourself and its down to you so thanks for watching guys if
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