Look around, there is nothing special about this classroom. What makes our classroom special is the knowledge that we have gained from
the German professors. Here we are taught by some of Europe’s best professors right
in the middle of Singapore. The small class size allows us to have maximized interactions
with the professors, creating a personalized environment for us. As engineers and scientists to be, we learn
differently from everyone else. Our coursework is made up of real life problems we have to solve As our professors worked in industry before, we are given projects that
companies and research institutes face This not only means we get to move around
and get our hands dirty, this also means that we learn teamwork and on the feet thinking.
This is when the classroom comes alive. Studying in a research-based university means that we work with life-sized equipment for our experiments Ranked 13th globally and having six Nobel Prize winners the Chemistry faculty at TUM has produced a long line of
great scientists and engineers We benefit from this heritage through the
industry network. TUM Asia organizes visits to chemical plant sites, networking session
with the industries as well as career fairs to prepare us to meet our future employers.
Among these companies are Europe’s biggest, increasing the chances of employment beyond
the shores of Singapore. A degree in Europe requires 3 years to complete it In TUM’s collaboration with Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) Singaporeans can obtain a TUM degree in 2.5 years This does mean shorter holidays but we learn to make
the most of our university education In our final semester at TUM Asia, we will
all travel to Munich to complete our Bachelor Thesis at TUM Spending three to five months
in Munich not only allows us to enjoy great beer but it also allows us to experience a new culture and pick up skills such as “independence”and “self-confidence” Of course we also get to meet our professors who came to Singapore and also to travel around Europe As for me, I will pick up a bit of German and make many new friends Tschüss! (Goodbye in German)