I participate in undergraduate research. I’ve
just finished my first project and I’m working on my second. I found that undergraduate research
helps you stand out from the crowd and challenges you to be really creative and innovative. I chose to be a Theater Arts major and Texas
A&M is very big on perusing what you want to do after you graduate and they’re very
accommodating to everyone’s academic needs, even if your academic needs are a little bit
more unique than other kids here. My favorite place to study on campus would
defintely be West Campus Library. It’s really easy for people who live off campus to get
there. I would say that’s the most popular place for people who do live off campus. My favorite place to hang out on campus is
definitely the Flag Room. There’s a lot of reasons for that. One of the reasons is that
it’s the main hub where all the students hang out in the middle of the day. You can study
there: the couches are really comfortable. You can hang out, it’s also really close to
food, and sometimes people come in and play the piano which is awesome. In high school I didn’t make the best grades,
but when I got to Texas A&M I really applied myself and ended up making the best grades
of my life my freshman year. I love that feeling of success so to keep that going, I see a
lot of tutors to make sure I’m taking care of business. I came from a really small school where I
never had to study, the teachers take care of me and made sure I turned my stuff in on
time. When I got to Texas A&M it took me about a whole semester to get used to the pace of
this large of a university. Freshman level classes can range anywhere
from a 150 to 300 students and although that sounds big, it’s a great opportunity for you
to meet lots of interesting people and maybe create your own study group. I think I’ve definitely been fortune to have
a lot teachers that really care about me. Not just getting an A, but actually learning
the material which I feel like is a great thing about Texas A&M. Choosing Biomedical Science as my major has
definitely prepared me in my aspirations to become a medical student. There are a lot
of classes in the curriculum that will actually be part of my curriculum as a medical student
such as physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, and many more. I feel that A&M has prepared
me for what is waiting for me out there and I know I’ll become a great medical student
and hopefully a great physician.