I just wanted to take a few seconds out to wish you guys all the best for the upcoming exam season! Now I know that you guys would have heard
that good grades are not everything! Well I agree that good grades are not everything, but I wouldn’t say that they’re not important at all. If you do well, it will definitely help you
in life, but if you don’t end up doing well, it’s NOT the end of the world. You guys know that at Don’t Memorise, we’ve
not really taught learners for marks! But if you score well AFTER understanding
concepts it will really make us happy. Also, I’m not going to give you tips on
what you should do during or before your exams. I’m sure plenty of people have already told
you that. However, there’s ONE thing I’d like to
tell all of you! RELAX. You will do well and it will work out great
in the end! So I’m looking forward to hearing about
how your preparations are going, and don’t forget to tell me how you guys did in your
exams! All the very best!