I’m Dave Sherwood the Chief Executive
Officer and co-founder of Bibliotech. So Bibliotech provides academic content
to university students. The university pays for the content the students get
free access and we’re talking about text books and monographs and the likes. We’re covering the UK, the US, Europe, we’ve recently even acquired the Malaysian
government as a customer. So we have a a really broad set of universities all
around the world, a total of 35 universities now. We have
had several UWA grads now. Most of them haven’t done computer science, they’ve
done a pretty broad variety of degree and I foresee us hiring many many
more UWA grads. The next phase for us is really establishing ourselves in the US
and I’d like to see us present across the country there. Real significant
presence, many many universities and I see our team really growing rapidly
there in the US well.