– I was originally in a finance
position here in New York, and I wanted to do something
bigger and more impactful. (upbeat electronic music) – [Narrator] Now more than ever, Americans need digital skills
to land the jobs they want, advance their careers,
and grow their businesses. Grow With Google aims to help by providing free training, tools, and expertise, both online and in their
Manhattan learning center. – We have all different types of classes. Some of the groups that we’re
targeting include job seekers, those looking to make a
transition in their career, entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketers that are looking
to grow a presence online. We also help teachers who wanna implement some of these programs
within their own classrooms, as well as people that
are generally looking to better understand
technology, and incorporate some digital skills into
their everyday lives. The beauty of the
demographics and age groups coming into the Grow With
Google learning center here in New York is that it is
open to anyone and everyone. Some of my classes all
have 15, 16 year olds, learning about marketing, trying to understand
how to build a website. And on the complete opposite spectrum, we have some people that are
seniors coming into the center that wanna learn how to
better utilize technology. It’s a place where everyone can connect from all walks of life. (light instrumental music) – [Narrator] Grow With
Google is not only providing free services for individuals,
but also small businesses. They offer digital tools that
help connect with customers, expand to new markets,
and work more efficiently. – I absolutely think that there should be more programs like Grow With Google. Google has been fortunate
enough to be able to offer this experience here at the
New York Learning Center in an in-person environment,
but I think other companies also have the opportunity to do so much in the digital landscape
where people can connect with new technologies online
through things like webinars, and online courses, so that
people can gain some of those digital skills that they
might not learn other places.