Studying GSD here at Warwick you get the chance to participate
in an integrated semester abroad, in Monash, which has campuses both in Australia and in Malaysia. I didn’t hesitate for a second because I think it’s an amazing
opportunity for us students to be able to learn from different cultures and from different disciplines at the same time by travelling
and meeting new people. When I first moved to Monash I went to the Australia campus
and I had an amazing experience. Everybody was super nice, super welcoming and
the atmosphere was really young and vibrant. The style of teaching at Monash is quite similar to Warwick
in terms of lectures and seminars which they call tutorials over there. The flexibility that we were given to choose modules at Monash
from the wide range of choices that they offer was amazing. I, for example, took Environmental Law, which focused a lot
on Australia. So I learned a lot about their environment. I took a module called Prosperity, Poverty and Sustainability in a
Globalised World and this is one of the modules with interactive learning. It was really awesome and really beneficial to my learning.
I learned so much about development, sustainability and all of this in a globalised world. I think more than the teaching it’s also the fact that you are
surrounded by people with different backgrounds, for example, talking about migration, in France and the UK or in
Europe in general and in Australia it’s extremely different, so hearing from even the students’ perspectives how they
make sense of these global issues in their every day life. Monash University has a great environment for student societies
and clubs where you can join plenty of sports clubs and societies based on your own interests. I joined a club called Monash Seed,
which is a society based on microfinance and social enterprise. When I came back to Warwick, me and my co-founder realised there
was a big gap here, we created a new society called Warwick Seed and partnered with them, which promotes alternative career paths
and social impact careers and social enterprise. I also took the opportunity to travel, notably doing some wwoofing,
so it’s a volunteering in organic and permaculture farms. Being able to learn from these farmers who are everyday rethinking
the way we connect with the land and interact with each other and learning from all these new sustainable practices
has been really, really interesting and valuable for me. It’s a perfect opportunity to explore new cultures, a new side
of the world within your three-year degree programme. Given the organisational skills I learned at Monash University from its
assessment structure, when I came for my third year at university I was more able to handle the workload with my dissertation and
the variety of different modules that I had here. Getting to know Melbourne and cities that I would have never gone to
otherwise was such a great experience, I think everybody should do it. My name is Amicie, I’m Lara, I’m Liam, And I’m a GSD student at Warwick.