Hola! If you’ve ever had the desire to
greet others this way, consider joining the faculty-led program to Ourense, Spain. This program offers an opportunity for students in the College
of Education to explore the educational system and cultures of the Galicia
region in northern Spain. Students will be placed in the local schools either in English or Spanish,
based on individual student need. There is no language prerequisite
for participation in this program. Students will participate in a
duel-placement program that facilitates half a semester placement stateside, and
the other half of the semester placement abroad, during the teacher assisting semester. Students will be enrolled in EDI 330 or EDI 331:
Methods and Strategies of Teaching; EDF 310: Organizing and Managing
Student Environments Online; and EDR 320 or EDR 321: Content Area Literacy, as an early completion course. Special Education students may also participate with an adjusted course schedule. Students will be housed with host families, thereby immersing them in Spain’s culture. Students will explore Ourense by taking a tour of the city and trips to the Plaza Mayor, the Cathedral, the Capilla del Cristo, the Ponte Vella (which is the “Old Bridge”),
and the spa and thermal areas . Additional cultural experiences include weekend trips to Santiago de Compostela (a leading Catholic pilgrimage route originated in the 9th century. Students will also spend a weekend in
el parque, where they will go hiking, make astronomical observation,
visit a Medieval castle, explore Roman mines, and see century-old
chestnut and oak trees. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in excursions to Madrid and Portugal. This experience can greatly impact a student’s ability to teach in a multicultural setting. It will also offer students the opportunity to experience another culture and assist in the creation of culturally-competent students and educators. The cost for this program is roughly $4000.00: that includes a round-trip airfare from Grand Rapids, housing, meals, field trips, and ground
transportation. If you are interested in this program, please contact Dr. Sherie Williams in the College of Education at [email protected] . We are hoping to
see you in Spain!